Briscoes “Clearance” Price

Good on ya briscoes, “clearance” price for the sunbeam ice cream machine, is literally your base price.…

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    Thats one way to exclude it from 20% off storewide

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    Because I clicked on your link yesterday I got this email today.…

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      lol. Why pay $399.99 when you can pay $699.99?

  • Is this a mistake that's been fixed now?
    The link goes to $399, which would be clearance pricing.

  • Looks like they’ve fixed it, seems to be $399 now which is a more reasonable clearance price!

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    If anyone is after this ice cream maker the $20 off $100 coupon still works with it even though it says no additional discounts apply.
    Makes it $382.99 for click & collect or $386.99 delivered.

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