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Edge Electric Standing Height Adjustable Desk (1.4m) $449 Delivered or (1.2m) $399 Delivered @ Proferlo


I think this is a pretty good deal for an electric standing desk with memory controls

  • Powerful Motor-Powerful motor enables more powerful and stable support for heavy weights (up to 80kgs), and provides fast and stable lift up/down speed
  • Solid Construction-The heavy-duty industrial-grade Steel frame combined with a solid desktop enables the desk to support up to 80kgs to accommodate your ideal workspace setup
  • Height Memory Control -Elegant 4-button pro- programmable controller with 2 customizable memory levels for desired Desk Heights. Convenient for switching from sitting to standing throughout the day with ease
  • Easy Assembly -Most of the parts are pre-assembled, this unique structural design enables most users to complete installation in less than 30 minutes
  • Up/Down Movement Speed: 25mm / second
  • Weight Support: up to 80kgs

Other specifications

  • Desk Top height adjustable range: from 70 cm to 120 cm
  • Desk Width: 60 cm
  • Frame Depth: 60 cm
  • Materials: Desktop: Particleboard; Frame: Steel
  • Colour & Size Options: Brown (1.4M)
  • Warranty: Motor: 2 years; Frame: 5 years

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  • Looks decent, pair it up with one or two IKEA Signums and you'll be sorted with cable management.

    • where do you buy your IKEA stuff?

      • +1

        Normally when I go overseas, but for small items, whoever offers it cheapest locally.

      • +1

        Maybe this

      • Got that one too for my partner's desk. I feel it's a bit tight in terms of space for both plugs and excess cable.

    • Damn! Just bought a cable management tray off Aliexpress, this one is cheaper

  • Anyone got any useful comments on the weight rating? Says 80kg - is that good?
    Also wondering if it'd be suitable for me, I use one at work which I love (it's quite heavy duty), but I also use it all the time to lean against and stretch with - would this table be able to handle a 90kg guy resting on it occasionally?

    • 80kg is reasonable, look at what other things you plan on leaving on the desk - this effectively becomes the 'dead load' inclusive of that 80kg rating.

      I have my PC, 2 monitors, mic arm, speakers and heavy keyboards plus other accessories - whilst it is ok during sit down, the 80kg rating might be pushing it if I was to stand up and lean on it…

      • Thanks - really useful to know. Looks like I'll need something a lot sturdier then - my set up would be similar to yours with an extra monitor (recently changed my layout and really enjoying the tie fighter monitor layout) and my gaming PC + work laptop/dock.
        I'm pretty sure my main monitor is like 11kgs, so I'm guessing my stuff on the desk would weigh closer to 40kgs already……

        I did a quick google and saw the option below which is rated at 160kgs - too bad its a bit pricey =[

        • Just shop around for seconds too. I got a dual motor desk for my SO for $300. Came with soft wired desk mounted plugs and a cable tray too.

          Mine was the same cost (albeit single motor) but rated higher than 80kg from memory.

          • @Sxeten: I've been looking on facebook marketplace but I've been afraid to pull the trigger due to weight constraints or common problems of cheaper ones that I've heard about like excessive wobble at the top. Is there any key thing I should look at that would be a signal of quality/robustness when looking at seconds? - some posts provide product links which are all good, but the ones where it's a business/office clear-out are generally limited on details outside of photos.

            • @Vish: I have found dual motor ones to be pretty stable in my experience..

              Also if it is an ex commercial, it will more often than not be pretty robust compared to home options.

              Cheaper ones do wobble at max height - unfortunately the easy thing to do is to view the item in person before committing..

              We had one of these, very wobbly at max height. Conset 501-15

  • meanwhile in Australia….

    • It's only the frame

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