The Warehouse 'remove third party sellers' Chrome extension



Search Results on will not show marketplace items by default

This extension circumvents those pesky marketplace listings on

From Reddit:

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The Warehouse
The Warehouse


  • I usually do it manually by choosing The Warehouse as the only Vendor Type.

  • The third party sellers thing won't work unless TWH excludes it from their price match policy.

  • +9

    I feel like a minor celebrity. wakrak is sharing my crappy chrome extension!

    Here's the sauce btw

    • +1

      Yeee nice. Good effort.

      Considering how popular The Warehouse deals are on here, I'd imagine a few Cheapos might start using this extension. Decent response on Reddit by the look of things.

    • Nice work! - any plans for a firefox version lol

      • +2

        Maybe a Saturday night job?

        I do need to get around to migrating from chrome anyway

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    the warehouse has got a little pricy lately

    • yea they are only price matching other stores now, i couldnt price beat as they have a promo on peanut butter but its still cheaper elsewhere.

  • +1

    pushed an update with a lil gui and menu and the option to default away online only. Has a lil bug where the buttons have to be toggled once off and on but the fix is in the review process.

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