Car Mechanical Insurance

Bought a car in 2020 which came with 3 year mechanical policy from Janssen Insurance. Just emailed them to check if I can renew the policy and here's what they responded.

"Thank you for your email.

We only offer mechanical policy renewal to a number of selected vehicles, not all of them. If you can please keep an eye on your email, if we are to offer you the renewal, you will receive an email with the renewal link approximately a few days after the policy expires on 08/02/2023. Sorry at the moment, we have no idea if we are going to offer you the renewal or not, as the system does it automatically."

It's quite odd that no one knows if the policy can be renewed until it expires? In case I do not get that offer, can someone please recommend a mechanical insurer? I've made two claims (boot door and passenger door) in the past three years so it seems necessary.


  • Highly recommend Provident, they are really good.

    • Tried but no luck.

      "Thank you for your enquiry.
      Unfortunately we do not sell policy to customers directly. Our policy can only be purchased through our authorised dealerships when you are buying the vehicle from them."

  • Autosure. Best.

    +642108266397 - James

    Does all my policy.

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