Buy Surströmming and Hákarl

Hi all,

Has anyone ever bought Surströmming and Hákarl within New Zealand/AU or through other approaches, and how much do they cost? Very keen to give them a try but couldn't find any way to buy them. If there are no means or it's too expensive, is there any similar thing on the market in NZ?


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    I haven't seen Hakarl here, but it's not exactly easy to get even in Iceland. And, yes, it is the most vile thing ever. Even Icelanders don't seem to enjoy it, but seem to have to say they do.

    Best advice is get over to Iceland, an absolutely stunning place to visit, and check it out. There's a little tourist joint in Reykjavik near the big cathedral that did it, don't know if they're still there, but you can buy a cube or two.

    I would recommend trying other local cuisines but I am not going to go in depth as uninformed people will knee jerk react.

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    I got a can from

    Cost about $45 when I did it but I see the prices have gone up. The shipping label declared it as a camping stove, probably to avoid dangerous goods charges or something. Still have it, haven't sampled it yet. I have noticed the can has expanded, likely due to the ongoing fermentation. I'm scared to open it at this point!

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