Finish Dishwashing Tablets - Where Is The Cheapest?

We are running low on our dish washing tablets. Currently using Finish classic which I believe I bought from 1 day, not the best but it does the job I guess. Does anyone have any recommendations on any other product that work well and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Or where is the cheapest place to get this Finish classic tablets?



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    What’s the cheapest store you’ve found so far? (So we have a price to compare to).

    • I only started looking so it's $25 at The warehouse for 110 tablets?

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        I just stocked up on this yesterday. Got it from Mitre10 after getting price beat for chemist warehouse, which was at $19.99. So for them for $16.99.
        It was at New Lynn.

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    What about price beat at mitre10 against the warehouse?……

    15% down from 25$ = 21.25$

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    I found that Rapid Active ones are good as well. They are highly rated by consumers. Recently bought a pack from PnS as ran out of my stock and they did pretty good job then the Finish Quantum I was using. Time to look for deals on them.

  • Thank you all for your suggestions

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    $16.79 for 110 Finish Classic Tabs via 1-day on The Market:…

    • Have to spend $45 to get free shipping though..:(

      • Get 3. Just stock it up if the price is good.

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          Also make sure you have your birthday loaded on your profile with The Market.
          You get a $5 discount voucher emailed that can be used with no minimum purchase.
          Really handy when your birthday is tomorrow 😉

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    I don't know what the cheapest is currently, but my target price is $0.13 per tablet. If I see them at that price, I buy a load :-)

    The different Finish tablets all work the same for us - the more expensive ones don't work any better than the cheaper ones, but I cannot comment in that respect about other brands, and its possible that the dishwasher is a factor in that too.

    Last time I got that price was probably about Oct 2022 but I can't recall specifically.

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