Flies - Ecomist or other brands?

The flies are out in force and our Insect Guard, spray every 10 minute dispenser, doesn't seem to be knocking them off very well.

I hear Ecomist advertised on the radio a lot but is their product any better than Insect Guard, Expra and alike?

Their website proclaims (under the franchise info) "Our product is positioned at the top end of the market attracting buyers in the mid to upper socioeconomic brackets" which screams to me you are paying for a brand name, not necessarily any better quality.

Any other fly rid tips?


  • pretentious marketing

  • Expra commercial strength works well for us.
    1 hour interval and on min setting. 1 large can lasts a while.
    Only seen it at mitre 10

  • Kiwicare NO Bugs Super Concentrate.

    Put it undiluted on a rag, and apply lightly around your windowsills.

    This lasts us all summer.

  • +1

    Bug a salt 3.0

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