RewardPay for IRD/ACC Payment with AmEx Card

Hello Cheapies,
Has anyone used RewardPay to pay for IRD or ACC payment with AmEX card?
Link is here:

I have revently got the Airpoints Platinum Amex card and am trying to use $1,500 to get the bonus 300 airpoints dollars.
I have seen an ad from Facebook about this RewardPay (it sounds like I pay them with my AmEX card, then they will do the direct credit to ACC/IRD), but to be honest it sounds a bit dodgy and not sure whether I can trust them.
Perhaps I should ask IRD whether this is a legit?
If there is anyone who used this successfully, please share your experience with cheapies.
Or any other AmEX tips for a first user like me.


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  • Haven't used it, but note in the T&Cs is you need to be a New Zealand Business with a New Zealand business number. They charge 1.67%, which seems low for an Amex payment.

    • Thanks. I'm just self-employed with IRD number but without a NZBN, so it seems like I can't sign up for their service!

      • Not sure on this, but can't you get an NZBN for the business that you run in your own name?

        Also, I would seriously consider incorporating and transferring the business into a company regardless - might be much less risky for you.

  • Seems legit.
    Here’s a recent review on MoneyHub.

  • +2

    If the purpose is to spend the $1500 then spending normally and buy paknsave Christmas club card and top up your spent to $1500 assuming you shop at paknsave. Over Christmas you also get extra money from Christmas club and no extra credit charge.

    • can you top up a christmas club online? or just in store?

    • Or buy supermarket giftcards (Countdown or wherever you shop)- you miss out on the Christmas Club rewards but can use them anytime from now rather than waiting until the end of the year.

      • Pak n save Christmas club can be used any time actually. Only the amount left at the end of Nov counts towards bonus.

        Note countdown Christmas club do not topped up via credit card currently.

  • +1

    In store or online. See FAQ.

  • @inmeltingpot

    You are correct RewardPay has recently launched in New Zealand in partnership with American Express and working closely with the IRD. RewardPay enables NZ business owners to use their Amex card ( business or personal) to make payments to the IRD or ACC. RewardPay has been in Australia for 10 years successfully and has now extended the offering to New Zealand business owners.

    RewardPay is the only way in New Zealand to pay the IRD with your Amex. The key benefit is earning extra points for paying bills you pay anyway and use these points for free flights, accommodation etc for you and your family / work colleagues. Feel free to contact RewardPay on 0800 449477 or speak to your Amex account manager or the IRD for further clarification.

    I hope that helps a little, I'm happy to answer any other questions as I'm part of the RewardPay team.

    • So I am going to do GST return soon, what do I need to do from IRD-end when I finally file the GST? Do I choose Direct Credit payment option from IRD, then pay to RewardPay with AmEx card - then RewardPay will do the direct credit to IRD?

  • Yes, you need to chose the Direct Credit option. You will then need to make your payment via RewardPay Please note that your payment to the IRD via RewardPay will be paid the next business day after you submit your payment.

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