Electricity Usage Doubled at New Apartment!?

According to my Powershop account page,
Old place: $40-50/month @ 4.5 kWh/day (working from home)
New place: $90-100/month @ 9.5 kWh/day (no longer working from home)

The only differences now are a hot water tank and a full-sized fridge (compared to half-sized at old place).
I only use the hot water for a warm shower daily (under 5 minutes). Laundry and faucets are always used cold.
Haven't bought any new electronics or appliances (in fact, I use and own fewer now).

I was away for a whole week over Christmas, and my power usage was still 4-5 kWh/day with nobody at the apartment!
That's basically the same as my usage at the old place, except I was actually at home the whole day for work/covid lockdowns back then.

Even while asleep now, at 12AM-7AM, it seems I use between 1.2-1.6 kWh (laptop is not plugged in, no personal appliances left on overnight).

The only thing I can think of is something is wrong with the fridge? I always keep it relatively full too, because an empty fridge uses more electricity IIRC?


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    Years ago I lived in an apartment and had the opposite of this, for like nearly a year - no matter what I did, my bill was always the same and a very low amount. I could run heaters on max 24x7 and it would make no difference. (shame bitcoin mining wasnt a thing back then)

    Then one day I got contacted by the power company to tell me that on the main switchboard they had mixed up the numbers (when the building was built) and I was paying the bill for the (vacant) next door apartment and someone else was paying mine.

    Perhaps this is your issue?

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    Sounds like a pretty normal amount of heat/power loss if you have a larger/older hot water cylinder - could try turning it off for a couple days when you're next away to confirm.

    • Yep, cylinder water heating can amount to a fair whack of your power bill, even if you don't use it, especially if the cylinder is older, poorly insulated, leaky or the temperature is set too high. Turn it off as suggested and check again.

      • The title says new apartment - unless he means new to him, You wouldnt think a new apartment building would have these issues.

  • Hi, make sure your not getting charged estimated usage (unlikely but worth a check)
    Also turn down the thermostat on the hw cylinder. And another real saver is buy a dozen emergency blankets and wrap all of them around your hw cylinder. They are very very good and very cheap insulation I bought some off trademe $1.40 each

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    Also bunnings has the best range and prices for led light bulbs (if thats wrong someone will correct me very quickly lol).
    And my 12 ltr mini oven fits a pizza and uses 1/10 the power of the main oven.
    The power switch website calculates the cheapest company and plan for your address and usage.
    Very easy to change you just call the new company woth your icp number it should be on the meter box and they take care of the rest.
    And polystyrene is incredible insulation usually thrown away also great for your hw cylinder cupboard.
    If you have a flat bottom kettle and make 1 coffee fill one cup of water and pour it in, just boil 1 cup if you only need 1. Or 2 if you need 2 of course.
    Make sure the fridge has good air gaps around it for efficiency, and your onto it keeping it full less cold air escapes when you open the door. Empty plastic bottles are handy for that.
    Can get a power meter for around $25 lots of places sell them, great for checking the power use and standy power use of all your electrical gadgets.
    Kick its a..

  • The only thing I can think of is something is wrong with the fridge? I always keep it relatively full too, because an empty fridge uses more electricity IIRC?

    Full fridge is a urban myth !!! For details: https://www.straightdope.com/21343775/does-a-refrigerator-co…

    Just make sure that your fridge door close properly and not leaking cold air out.

  • While you are sorting your power usage, worth noting powershop does kot offer you the best rate.. Recently someone got about $300 credit from powershop via price beat over the year. Probably worth going round to pick up all the freebies if you have not done so recently.

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