Alternative to Snoo Smart baby sleeper

Hi All,

I am looking to buy Snoo Smart baby sleeper, but it's very expensive and we cannot justify to get one for our baby. There are many alternative option to Snoo, but wasn't sure if they work. Can anyone recommend one that is as good as Snoo and won't cost an arm or a leg?


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    Not wrong about the price ($1695?). $65 a week if you're only using it for six months.

    Reddit might be a good place to look for possible alternatives.

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      My brother has one for his baby.
      Reckons it’s the best thing he ever bought and works wonders.
      More than I would spend.

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        Seems to be well recommended. Going to stick to my foot rocking the bassinet for now 😅

        Looks like you can hire it for $105 a week here OP if you're in Auckland.

        Not sure how right I am about the price. USD$1300 in some places.

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    Google home smart speakers do the white noose function if that helps at all 🤣

    We just had a normal bassinet and used those to play white noose or lullabies of needed.

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    I'd be looking at another bassinet that rocks + white noise from Alexa or similar…

    Usually you'll find people you know who have expensive baby stuff that they are holding onto in case they have another, best bet would be find someone who has one of those Snoos that they'll let you borrow or something.

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