Suggestion on prepped meal subscriptions

Hey guys,

Hope you had great Christmas.

I’m looking for prepped meal subscription services. Does anyone has any experience or suggestions on it?

Thank you


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    Hello fresh will charge you after you have quit their service. They will just randomly charge your card a week of meals out of the blue. Sometimes 5 months after you last used their service.

    • And they will knock on your front door trying to sell you a subscription with a EFTPOS machine on hand. Have used these providers on and off since start of COVID. For us, they are convenient when we run out of dinner ideas, but their recipes do get repetitive.

  • got a free hellofresh box to give away, if u want to try it first. need to pay postage $9.99. Just pm me if you keen.

  • I know a lady in te puke who posts frozen meals within the bay and Waikato areas. I believe she has a few Auckland clients too. $12.50 each but it's a good portion, I get two serves out of most. The BnE and fish pie is thee best food experiences I've had in those categories to this date. Decent variety of different meals each week. The standout from other frozens is the ingredients are fresh as and you can very well tell by sight and taste. None of this 90% sauce 10% solids crap either. I literally tell her to cut it out ahaha, it's too bloody good.

    I'm literally off now to get a fish pie into the oven ahahaha.

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    We bounced between them all using the intro offers for a while and eventually stopped getting them, but we do still use variations if some if the recipes.

    Woop - quickest and easiest but you pay for it, most of the sauces and veg are pre prepared
    Hello fresh - quite hands on but separated out the meals
    My food bag - similar to hello fresh but they don't separate out the meals
    Bargain box - same as my food bag but less choice

    Overall we stopped getting them all as we noticed a drop is quantity and quality over the course of 2021 and hello fresh in particular kept swapping stuff out for turnips due to sourcing issues. We never paid full price so can't begrudge the value but I don't think it's worth the premium at full price over making it yourself.

  • They are only good if you get the 50-70% off vouchers. Even with that I find just doing online shopping and getting them delivered via Countdown/PaknSav is way cheaper and more fresh.

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