Docking Station for Notebook

I am looking around for the docking station that can fit keyboard, mouse, external hard drive, cellphone, and monitor, I have looked around PB, and Amazon, hoping if anyone has found something good while the sale still on…. thank you


  • Would need to know a bit more about what your requirements are.
    - Do you need it to connect to your laptop via USB-A or USB-C (and thunderbolt 3, 4, nothing)
    - Do you need to support USB-PD for charging your laptop over USB-C
    - keyboard/mouse: will you need 2x USB-A ports?
    - External HDD: mechanical or SSD (ie what speeds) and USB-A or USB-C
    - Cellphone (do you just need charging, and if so, USB-A or C, and fast charge or just standard)
    - Monitor: What res and refresh ie 1080p 60hz etc

  • Thank you for your reply, sorry I was not been very clear… please see below after I digging into details… thank you

    • connect to your laptop via USB-C
    • probably don't need support USB-PD for charging your laptop over USB-C
    • keyboard/mouse: I would need 2x USB-A ports
    • External HDD: sorry not sure what speed, but it's new bought from western digital 16 TB and USB 3.0
    • Cellphone just need charging, and if so, USB C, and standard charging
    • Monitor: it's HP 15 inch, 1080….
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    I have one of this ugreen usb c hub bought from Aliexpress, can be bought from Amazon as well. It was just bit cheaper on Aliexpress.

    I needed usb-pd for charging, 1 hdmi(preferably 4k60Hz) & ethernet which this has. Plus 2 usb-a ports helps with headphones & wireless mouse adapter. Has been perfect since few months now and very happy with it.…

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      Sounds like your requirements are pretty minimal (the things that increase the price/complexity of the hubs are wanting 4k60hz display, or a USB-PD input/output option.)

      I can second ace310 as the UGREEN options being good

      AliExpress have for $58 so not that much cheaper
      That link also has some other variants which are cheaper and offer things like no USB-PD or lower spec HDMI (which would be fine for your needs)

      There is also this one for some more expensive options but power and SD card and ethernet etc.

      And a different brand option which has pretty much everything and is reasonably cheap. I've heard good things about this brand but never used them.

      The UGREEN options are all at quite high prices relative to the last few months. The cabletime option is reasonably low on the price history

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    Not sure on your budget but I scored some second hand dell WD15 docks off trade me, had to vide my time but eventually got each one for $80. They work well and let me run dual displays with enough USB ports to run everything and being a big named brand I have no issues with them at all.

    I do have a small USB C dongle I got off Ali express but the heat that thing generates using PD is crazy do I don't trust it. You also need to make sure you have a USB charger to supply through those sorts of docks which the dell ones usually come with a standard dell barrel jack for power.

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