Recommendations for Purchasing New Vehicles

Good afternoon fellow Cheapies!

Just wondering if you have any insights on buying new vehicles from dealerships at the end of the year?

From what I’ve experienced, there isn’t a lot of wiggle room in terms of pricing when purchasing new vehicles.

Just wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks when negotiating buying a new vehicle at the end of the year?

Thank you all.


  • what is your price range. got a 2021 MB for sell

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    This comment is a few years old but my experiences buying new cars are here -

    Since supply has been constrained things have changed quite a bit and there's very little room to move (I bought a Rio beginning of last year), also expect to wait a bit for delivery. Pre-covid the days between Christmas and NY was when I bought cars, the dealerships would be very quiet so the sales person was willing to be a bit more flexible to get the sale (if not, walk away).

    Watch out that the car you're getting has all the features listed, a few manufacturers have been deleting things like blind spot monitoring and blaming it on the microchip shortage, but not dropping the price (I'm looking at you, Skoda)

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    Have a look around for EVs as well if you are not fixated on ice cars. They have the clean car rebate of $8625 which is quite a discount for similar priced cars in NZ.

    Also, you can combine 1% interest rate loan some of the banks are providing for purchases upto $80k.

    Not cheap but got a tesla model y last month and absolutely loving it. They have some decent cars for sale in inventory which are demo or trade-ins and are somewhat cheaper than new but has all the warranties so you can't go wrong.

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      although you don't get the clean car discount with a pre register so not always the better option compared to new.

      • I agree. But I saw few of Model 3 performance around the price of new model 3. So that's worth it.

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    Depend on the make, i recently placed an ordre for a new toyota and the expected delivery date is 12 months, and my local toyota dealer swapped their new and used car show room :D

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      Yep, I was looking to buy a RAV4 Hybrid Adventure this time last year, ETA was July and I thought that was way to long to wait. I just checked again and they're currently taking orders for delivery sometime in 2024…

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        What the dealer told me is if any orders takes longer than 12 months to fulfill the they will not take any new orders for that model.

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    Not this year, shortages everywhere and prices are going up, not down. You don't have bargaining power.

    The JDM used import market would always make a better deal, with better supply.

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    Always Always haggle the accessories, service plan, towbar, rubber matts, roof racks, extra RUC… if you cant discount the vehicle work on the extras!

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