Travel Blankets: BYO or not?

Do you BYO blankets or use airline-provided blankets (for full-service flights where blankets can be provided for on-board use free of charge)? Does anyone have any insider information about how often airlines (especially those that service the NZ market) wash blankets? Could someone please recommend good travel blankets that are for sale in NZ? Thanks.


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    Just upgrade to business class where u get a lay flat bed and warm cosy blankets

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    Wear more layers than you need at the departure airport, and use the excess clothing to cover your thighs when feeling cold. Every gram in a carry-on is precious, so don't bother bringing a travel blanket - unless it's wearable.

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    Most, if not all, long haul airlines will wash the blankets rather than fold and replace them on the seats during the aircraft turn.

    Some foreign carriers (Chinese mostly) won’t wash in NZ. They carry fresh blankets in the hold that the ground crew remove on arrival and take up to the cabin. The used ones are bundled up and put in the hold to be washed back on home soil

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