Shipping Fees for Returned Items from The Market

This might be an existing policy but I've noticed I've been charged shipping fees to return items to The Market. There were no shipping fees charged when I bought the items, but when I returned the items I've just noticed they didn't refund the full amount, they charged me for shipping fees instead. Both examples seem like items are delivered from overseas, but I've never had shipping fees charged before.

I've written an email to enquire about this, but does anyone know if this is an existing policy or is this new?


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  • I thought you just had to pay to send it back.

    • Sorry I forgot to mention I returned the items to the market collection point, does that make a difference?

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        Some items they don't allow you to drop off in-store, I think maybe items over $400.

        If they did, then I would assume there should be no additional costs. They shouldn't have charged anything extra unless they made it clear to you first.

        • Thanks, that's what I thought. Will wait for them to reply to me and go from there, cheers

  • You didn't say why you were returning the item but legally if you are returning for "change of mind" they can charge you.
    If there is an issue with the item they can't charge you.

    This applies to everything purchased in NZ, not jut the market.

    • Thanks, I didn't know the reasons of returning the items I chose will result in the shipping fees. The quality of the items wasn't what I expected, but for the ease of returning I couldn't remember what reason did I choose…

  • They did mention "Please note that Shipping will not be refunded for change of mind returns.", but if you haven't paid for shipping, I don't think they should charge you shipping for returning it. Unless there's another clause buried somewhere in their T&C.

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    I've now got a reply from The Market:

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    If an order or items are returned under the Change of Mind reason, as this order was within the delivery timeframe this was accepted as Change of Mind, then the original shipping costs from the order are deducted from the refund (even if shipping on the order was free at the time of purchase).

    This is because a retailer will only assume the cost of the item(s) returned, not including the cost of initially shipping the item(s) to you.

    Please see our Returns Policy here that states the below:…

    "If free shipping has applied to you order, and you return the item due to change of mind, the original shipping amount, at the merchants discretion, may be deducted from the return refund. "
    All of our policies are aligned with our responsibilities under the Consumer Guarantees and Fair Trading Acts.

    We understand that this may not be the answer you had hoped for, however we hope this does provide some clarity around our refund for Change of Mind returns.

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