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Threadbare atm, wine help me sleep

I like Dashwood pinot gris 2022 $12 . Smells like passionfruit
Grove mill pinot gris 2022. $15 I like the taste, smells stone fruity but i cant tell which one, says pear and spice on the back. very pleasant mouth feel and long aftertaste . Very sweet.


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    Most NZ pinot gris is good. In your price range I'd suggest Russian Jack or Villa Maria. My pick is usually dependent on supermarket specials!

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      Updoot for villa maria pinot gris

  • Noble fellows baron betsy malborough pinot gris 2022. $13

    Pleasant smell of pear, very balanced taste and looooong finish. Loved this bottle

  • Ooh exciting, we definitely need wine/alcohol discussion. Recently got into red wine, tried 19 crimes cab sauv and loved it.

    Anything similar to that? Very new to reds.

    In the whites, Mrs loves the unreasonably sweet Giesen Riesling but I prefer something less sweet.

    Also, been trying out cheaper options of Vodka, Gin etc as buying Absolut and Craft gins are adding up!

    • I enjoy Rua pinot.
      Very rarely it will be $20 a bottle, generally on special around the $23 mark

  • Rapaura springs pinot gris reserve 2022 $16

    Acidic. Smells of pear. Taste is ok, quite dry, finish is short but with a pleasant lingering aftertaste.

    My initial thought was i dont like this. But i can see why others rate it

    • One day later in the fridge after i drank half a cup the day before.

      Had after stir fried veges and cold cuts.

      Its growing on me

      Smells of pear and sprite. Palate is kinda mellow now. No finish and very long aftertaste remain

      Will see if any left in a few days

      • Best with oily, spicy things, like asian stir fry

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    For spirits etc I tend to look to - even some off-the-back-of-a-truck short dated chocolate deals sometimes. $4.99 shipping usually
    Anyone got better deals on alcohol in general?

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      Yeah these guys have some good prices and range. Gotta check their specials though as sometimes they are not as "special" as you might imagine, rather just a featured item as apposed to marked down. Also I hate their shipping partner (PBT Transport), who offload items to Courier Post so everything gets delayed an extra 2-3 days as a result.

      I have also found have some good prices too (shipping from them is a lot more reliable in my experience). Both parallel imported suppliers I believe.

  • have some pretty good deals. Currently they have two 'mystery wine' case deals - Rose and Riesling - at $17 a bottle. Except they're not so mysterious because a quick google search identifies them as Soho Wines Black Collection wines. A good find for me as Soho Wines is one of my favourite winemakers at the moment.

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    Grant Burge's pink ink rose 2021 $54 for 6 bottles @…

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