Customs clearance - Amazon AU

I placed two separate orders on Amazon Australia ($733 and $903) both under the $1000 threshold. Amazon has combined the delivery and I received an email from Nz post to provide customs code/ client code.

Contacted Amazon they have asked me to provide NZ post with the invoice for the two orders.

Do I need to apply for customs client code ? According to amazons website for orders over $1000 they clear the customs. Amazon has only collected GST on both the orders


  • Did Amazon combine it or did you do two separate transactions the same day/around the same time and they just happened to be sent at the same time so arrived together?
    Will splitting my purchases keep the value below the amount where duty or GST are payable?
    The value of an import is based on all items imported by a person or company at one time, and is not limited to a single transaction. If several items, purchased separately by the same person or company, arrive in New Zealand at the same time, the value may be combined which could result in charges becoming payable if the consignment is valued over $1000.

    You'll need to apply for a personal client code. I'm not sure if NZPost will submit it on your behalf or if you'll need to apply yourself.

    One time with FedEx the exchange rate changed and pushed my order over $1000nzd. FedEx sent me the client code form to fill out and return with with a pic of my ID. They submitted the form in my behalf and customs approved my client code. Then FedEx sent me a bill for duty, gst and ITF fee.

    I guess since you've paid gst you will just have to pay any applicable duty and itf fee.

    • The transaction was an hour apart - different shipping times but looks like Amazon has combined it.

  • Had somthing similar with B&H with DHL
    Sent the invoice to DHL and it was released was worth 1500nzd and had paid gst at checkout.

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