Any Deals on Dishwasher Please Let Me Know!

Hi guys, looking for deal like this one
please let me know if anyone come acorss any good deal on dishwasher!


  • Interested to know - did you purchase? I'm looking to purchase a Bosch Dishwasher Series 4 but can't seem to find a good price. There was an amazing deal at Harvey Norman over Boxing Day/New Year but unfortunately we were away on holiday.

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      I got the Bosch series 6 from Harvey’s over Boxing Day.

      • Would you mind sharing how much you paid….? I don't think I can wait until next Boxing Day to purchase but I'm curious what level discount gets offered :-)

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          I paid $2230 for this one
          Keep in mind that this is the fully integrated model which uses your own front panel.
          As such it is more expensive than the non-integrated models.

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    one thing to watch out for is some of the dishwashers have whats called an aquastop valve and these seem to randomly die and cost $100 to replace.
    To know if the machine has one the connection to the hose will have a small box underneath it

    • I just googled and "For added security and safety, all Bosch dishwashers have an AquaStop™ Plus device that cuts off the water supply directly at the tap outlet in case of leaks."

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