Cheap Furniture Stores in Auckland (Reasonable Quality)

Hey fellas,

We are needing to fully furnish an apartment with decent quality, good looking furniture.
We are planning to look at treasurebox and ifurniture, however wondering if anyone knows of any obscure store in Auckland with good quality, but cheap furniture.

Thanks in advance.


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    Good quality, cheap, in NZ. Pick any two. 😉

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    You're probably better off going used than buying disposable flat pack stuff from those stores

  • I’m ok with my stuff from lifestyle furniture, not perfect or amazing but it does the job and lasts while so far. If you want better grade stuff, definitely buy used. Wasn’t feasible for me as I don’t have large transport easily available nor wanted to go through the hassle of that with shopping around for multiple furniture items

    • Thanks for the suggestion, lifestyle furniture is exactly the sort of store we are looking for

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    We used iFurniture and when we kitted out a rental apartment

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    The mentioned Treasurebox, iFurniture, Urban Sales are all probably your best options if you want something a bit more than The Warehouse/Kmart quality but within a reasonable budget. There's also Catchers Furniture which I suggest you go instore and talk to the staff for a better deal than online from experience.

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    Check out, they deliver but also have a showroom near Panmure to check things out in person. Modern, good quality furniture without the massive price tag.

    • I'm interested in this, but the reviews are mixed. Do you have any of their furniture yourself?

      • I bought a sofa from them online during lockdown. It's rubbish and they return policy is crappy. They will do what ever to get you out from returning. You get what you pay for. Avoid at all cost.

      • Yes we bought a couch (with electric footrest), office table and super king sized bed from them, all great quality. We did buy all this like 7 years ago so I can only confirm the quality of goods back then is very good (all items we have are still in perfect condition).

        Based on Gamzallup's reply it's possible they may have started cheaping out on the products, which would be a real shame if true. Luckily with a show room you can check it out before purchasing for peace of mind.

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