Custom Made Blinds Recommendations ?

Hi all, just looking at options for custom blinds… there seems to be heaps of companies offering various discounts and my Facebook feed is now filled with targeted advertising lol. Has anyone had any good well priced experiences they’re willing to share?



  • Which city are you in?

  • Friend have used this company and were really happy with them. Located in Feilding and makes to order.

  • We’ve just used Blinds Online for sunscreen blinds

    Measured ourselves, got quotes from a few different online suppliers.
    Ryan from Blinds Online had the best service and responses by a mile, and his price came in really decently too.
    Good warranty, website has great details. Shipping was super quick even just before Christmas.

    Their reviews on google etc convinced me to give them a go, and glad we did!

  • I've used Harvey's furnishings before.
    Did a new build fitout, curtains and blinds.

    Build was out of town so picked everything at the local shop and they relayed to the store by the build who measured and installed. Super easy process.

    Have also used Impact blinds (Auckland based) for a full set of customs blinds in an office building. Again, really quick and easy to deal with, well priced and quick turnaround.

    • I’m doing a new build as well, how much did you spend for the whole house?


      • 3500 in 2018 for a 3bed house. I'd guess add another 1000 for inflation over the 5 years?

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    I bought some from Spotlight UV+Blackout blinds and cut them to size myself. Cost me $300 for two windows (4 blinds) very affordable

  • Taylor Made Blinds based in Porirua are amazing! We have several friends who have used these guys with gorgeous results!

  • When we moved in to a new build we bought off the shelf blinds based on the plans but found out the plans measured the outside window size so everything was too big to fit. Rushed then to a guy in Christchurch called the blond cleaner who cut each one for about $15 a blind. Turns out instead of spending a fortune just buy the nearest you can find and they are very cheap to have trimmed, for roller blinds we have a 2m long blind on a 50cm high window and just don't unrol it all.

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    rodsandblinds was perfect for me

  • Custom fly screen recommendations? Especially for a 3 window ranch slider

  • My friends used Mr Blinds and they seem really happy with them.

  • I got honeycomb blinds custom size from aliexpress, got 4 of them for just over price of nz ones. Seller was really gd in the chat showing colours of blinds and colour options for the top metal bit. You can get electric/motorised wireless ones for bit more to

    Delivery was free, DHL took a week or two.
    Fit was perfect

    • can you please send me the aliexpress link, also are these blind blockout? does it have the silver coating inside the honeycomb, thanks

  • Just checking where you finally got the blinds from. Friend of mine is looking to get for new home.

  • I did custom order through bunnings. They send their orders to window ware to manufacture it. Pretty decent roller and vertical blinds.

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