Anyone Bought from SixthSense before? Is it legit?

Just found some hardware that's in stock on

Has anyone bought anything from them before? Is it legit?

I've sent them multiple emails re stock on hand (They have not replied yet and it's been 3 days now) as I don't want to buy and wait 5 weeks - 5 months for a product (the hardware I want is due to be in stock April 2023 at PB Tech)

Their Returns Policy page is broken, Facebook page link redirects to a personal account

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  • Maybe try your luck asking on Geekzone

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    for what it's worth i found this buried in the T&Cs
    SixthSense Limited (company number 7874559), a company registered at 6 Dodson Avenue, Milford, Auckland, 0620 , New Zealand

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