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2 Tickets, 2 Regular Popcorn, 2 Choc-Tops, 2 House Drinks $19 (Worth $85, Tickets Valid until 14/12) @ Monterey Cinema, Takapuna


Get 2 tickets, 2 regular popcorns, 2 choc-tops, and 2 house drinks FOR ONLY $19! Valued at $85.
Available to purchase in-store or online when booking tickets.

*Deal does not apply to BFFNZ or Seriously Red sessions, subject to stock availability, substitutes may be required.

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    anyone else find it hard to believe this is valued at $85?

    • How much would a similar combo at Event Cinemas cost?

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        was in the middle of editing.
        this is a good deal to see that new film avatar.

        Tickets = $15 x2
        Popcorn = $9 x2
        choctop = $5.50 x2
        House drink = Price varies

      • I've just booked according to the post with the $19 deal… But I can't find anything on the site that says the $19 Pre X-mas deal is for 2 tickets, 2 regular popcorns, 2 choc-tops, and 2 house drinks for $19.

        There is a Grabone deal that is specified on the website that says:

        Check out our latest GrabOne deal of a Two-Person Boutique Dining & Movie Package incl. Tickets, Pizza, Two Choc Top Ice Creams & Two Glasses of Prosecco, Wine or Beer - Options for up to Eight People!

        Purchase through the GrabOne website then come back and fill out the form at the bottom of the page so we can get you booked in for your preferred session!

        This is found here: https://www.montereytakapuna.co.nz/grabone

        Can anyone let me know if what is represented here can be found anywhere on the site or elsewhere? I don't really want to go if it's just for two tickets without the extras.

    • If that includes the house drink yes probably worth that value

      • yea, i didnt realise how expensive they are now.

  • Good value for Avatar 2 ($21 in total)
    14/12 would be the first day of screening, saw few seats still available e.g. 1830

  • Anyone figured out how to buy this one yet? And is it only available for viewing times that are currently showing?
    Was hoping to book a session in for after Xmas.

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      Just figured it out - looks like only available for screenings up to 14 Dec 22. Cannot pre buy for screenings after that.

  • How is the cinema and seats?

    • they look like couches from google images, only the front seats left but i think that will be too sore on the neck.
      there is double couches, one half is available.

    • It's a small cinema with small number of seats compared to major cinemas.

      The only session I've been to was one of the small auditoriums (4-5 rows of couches).
      The couches were very soft low couches with small cushion, which was uncomfortable with no neck support. Maybe bring your own harder cushion for lumbar support, neck pillow lol.

      I do not have recent experience of individual seat and the largest auditorium (7 rows with 4 back rows of couches).

      Paid $8 for student ticket so it was acceptable, but I would prefer Academy cinema $5 Wednesday instead.

      Relatively $19 is a steal for what is included, provided you have a very low expectation of the seat/couch, sound insulation, and the potential audible chatty audience: the population was middle aged+ who just chatted away throughout the movie.

      Needless to say YEMV depending on the movie and the luck of the day.

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      I like this cinema, the couches make it a great date option. Good atmosphere as well.

  • Got my ticket confirmation email but it doesn't say anything about the snacks and drinks being included. Anyone else?

  • How does one redeem this deal? Can't seem to figure it out

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      I think you have to pick the $19 pre-Xmas double pack when selecting tickets. Only available for sessions today and tomorrow.

  • I Think All of the avatar 2 sessions have sold out

  • I've got an extra ticket for The Menu, 5:45 p.m., 13 December (today)
    DM me if you want it for free :)

  • Got the last decent seats for avatar tomorrow, thanks OP!

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    They opened another session for avatar at 10pm, 3 hour film mind you

  • So nothing on their website shows what this "Pre-Xmas $19 Double Pack" includes. And when adding one of these to the list it immediately comes up as $21 despite the prices saying $19? Not a very clear website.

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