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1pc Chicken, 1 Wing, Crispy Tender, Mini Popcorn Chicken, Bread Roll, reg Potato & Gravy, Chips & Drink $13.99 @ KFC


The NEW Superstars Box Meal …..It's all yours for only $13.99
will have you feeling like a million
dollars…for a fraction of the price!

Dig into 1pc of Secret Recipe
Chicken,1 Wicked Wing,
1 Crispy Tender, Mini Popcorn
Chicken, Bread Roll, reg
Potato & Gravy, reg Chips
and a reg Drink.

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  • +1

    My two cents.
    Popcorn chicken is dry and tenders are TINY.

    Might not be all stores but the tenders ive had use standard coating instead of the wicked wing coating. Not worth imo

    • +3

      Ever since KFC Manukau stopped doing hot n spicy I don't even think PLU12's worth it these days. RIP my go to $11 meal </3

      • Hot and spicy boneless set the bar too high..

        • heresy! you need the bones with fried chicken!

      • +1

        Try the fried chicken next to Jesters Pies Manukau, fyi its divine compared to KFC… Its our goto, they will even freshly cook.

      • agree, I had this last Wednesday and chicken pieces are smaller than usual too.

    • Tenders never had wicked or spicy coatings, they are basically tenderloins and are used in twisters etc, or to bulk out combos like popcorn chicken as they are not things people tend to buy separately.

      • Many years ago (10?) they used to, wasn't spicy but had the same crunchy breading.
        As a side note, avoid carls jnr tenderloins as well, they are terrible

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