Samsung 10% Discount Code for Anyone to Use on The Samsung NZ Online Store. First in, First Served

Been dealing with Samsung since my Galaxy Watch bricked itself with the latest update, they have given me the following discount code to use but there is nothing on their website that I want to buy. Cheapies has been awesome to me with the stuff posted so thought I'd post it here so someone else can use it. Believe it is a one off code so will be first in, first served.

10% discount code is S8E-X2BT-X6AR-8ZK2 which you can spend on all products on the Samsung Online Store (Samsung NZ website). This is only valid until 31 Dec 2022.


  • Worth knowing that it is possible to get Samsung to issue you one of these as a loyal customer by calling them and saying I have Samsung products.

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    Cheers man.
    Finally brought me a73 $610, with your code. Very appreciated.

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      Welcome, thought it nice it get used and glad it was someone here.

  • Apart from the update issues, do you like your Galaxy Watch? My FitBit needs upgrading so looking at what's available

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      Its ok and actually got better over time when added in Google Assistant and is moving more to Google Wear OS. There are things I wish it did better after previously having apple watches (made the switch completely to android). I find the Bixby to speak a text useless which is most annoying as was good under apple.

      Overall though now that its been like a week without it, I really miss having it. I used it a lot for checking messages and replying by the watch as well as when refereeing football, to keep track of my games. If you are looking at it from an upgrade from a fitbit, then certainly I think it does more and you will find something useful with it.…

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