This was posted 1 year 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Palit GeForce RTX 3060 Stormx - $399.00 + Shipping (Free with Primate) @ Mighty Ape


Sale starts at 5pm today (24th), seems like a decent set of deals if you were patient during the shortage and want to buy new.
GTX 1660 Ti is also $299

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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    Any other good deals?

    • Some others on monitors and TVs but I'm not sure how good the products are e.g Juggernaut 24" Full HD Curved 75Hz Gaming Monitor for $169.00, and Kogan 24" LED Smart TV Android TV $199.00. There are plenty of "deals" but most aren't that great/of interest to me.

  • it states you need to be a primate member so $24 extra.…

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      that's only until 5pm today

  • Is there a similar deal on a 3060 Ti model?

    I'm not a member so can't see the sale prices ahead of 5pm.

    • no, the 3060 and 1660ti are the only ones on sale

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      Seen quite a few used 3060 Ti's on Trade Me for under $500 recently

      • Let me have a look. Are those mining cards?

        • I'd imagine so.

          • @[Deactivated]: On paper 3060 ti is 25% better. For 500 is not bad for a good condition one.

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    Can any knowledgeable person advise if this would be worth getting to go in this PC? (assuming it would work/be compatible)
    Or not worth it due to the rest of the components? Thank so much for your time 🙂…

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      Which PC are you looking at?

      • Sorry, as I posted I realised I hadn't put the link 🤣
        Have updated my post with the link to the PC I'm referring to. Thanks heaps 🙂

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          Hi, it should be compatible with that PC given the CPU and power supply. I imagine it'd be a nice upgrade (some websites have it 40% faster). This is assuming that the power supply has the required connections which it should do.
          Edit, they recommend a 550W power supply for this GPU, it should still work though if the power supply is good enough quality.

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            @Ruffdrafter: two reviews states it came with a 350w psu lol.

            • @coffeee: Really!? That's really bad because it says it should come with a 500W one. Be careful then.

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                @Ruffdrafter: i think some these prebuilds come with generic or oem psu, otherwise they would advertise the brand. i remember being offered a oem 70% efficient psu as a replacement.

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      If you are willing to buy this gpu and don't have the oc already I'd buy one without the gpu installed and you'll likely get a better machine for the money your spending. Pb tech do sell non gaming PCs that just use integrated graphics and you can slot this in as long as the power supply is up to the job.

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        That's a good point for a new build, I think Computer Lounge is another good option for that.

  • Is it worth upgrading to a 1660 ti from a 1060 6gb?

    • User benchmark has it as 26% better. It might be worth looking for youtube videos comparing the two in the games you play.

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      If you're spending $300 I'd try and find the extra $100 and get the 3060, that would be a more significant increase over a 1060 and you get extras like dlss and the rtx cores as part of the package which will help boost your experience even more.

      • my current set up is 9400f with 1060 6gb and 16gb ram, not sure if the 3060 will get bottlenecked

        • I think you'd be ok unless you are running at seriously high frame rates. CPU tends to limit frames more than graphics, could always ramp up the settings or even try ready tracing if you hit frame rate limits.

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    That's soooo cheap

  • I just bought it, thanks for the link

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    Eeek just grabbed one too; I have an old Alienware R3 (hahah soooo old), that I have been super cheap (true to heart) with and been tacking parts onto it to keep it going over the years…this might be the last thing that allows me to get another few years out of it before actually buying something new…lmao.

    • well that was a fail…looks like the R3 bios doesn't play nice with new cards….oh well….will try messing around some more with the bios over the weekend and then look to the second hand market to offload it….argh….was hoping for great things!

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