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$2000 Satellite / Rural Broadband Hardware Subsidy (For Eligible Residents) @ Crown Infrastructure Partners


Crown Infrastructure Partners is offering a $2000 subsidy to anyone who can't get good broadband. Basically if you live outside the planned UFB and RBI areas then you are eligible.

After everyone applies, CIP will check if any local provider is willing to extend their network to cover you. If not, they will give you an one off payment of up to $2000 towards internet hardware of your choice, such as a satellite dish. No subsidy for monthly costs.

The Remote Users Scheme (RUS) is focused on increasing the availability of broadband connectivity in rural and remote New Zealand.

Digital connectivity programmes have worked to cover large parts of Aotearoa including many small communities, but there are still more remaining to be covered. These are some of the most remote areas and people across the country and are difficult to find a solution for.

Through the Remote Users Scheme, eligible households and communities in Aotearoa’s most remote areas – where broadband is not currently available and there is only access to voice calling and text services – will be able to apply for support. The Scheme will also be available in rural areas with poor internet coverage.

The first phase of RUS aims to provide a broadband internet service to an area by extending existing networks. Those still without coverage after this has been done, may be eligible to receive a one-off grant of up to $2,000 towards set up and installation costs of a suitable broadband solution.

To be eligible for the RUS, applicants should:

Have a principal residence in a rural or remote area. This could include:

  1. Owner occupied dwellings
  2. Multiple principal residences on a single property
  3. Tenanted dwellings
  4. Farmhouses occupied by share farmers (usually under a “right to reside” arrangement)
  5. Occupied dwellings on Māori land.

Not be capable of receiving a commercial broadband service or have a poor service. This will include both existing and planned coverage (if any) in the area.

How do I apply for RUS?

Just fill in the form here

We will need to collect some personal information from you regarding eligibility for this scheme.
To see how we look after your information securely, see our RUS Privacy Policy here

At a later stage you will need to provide:

  • Proof of address
  • Proof of principal residence
  • Declaration of no or poor service availability where you live (which CIP will verify)

Further information is available here

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  • Just in case anyone else was wondering what not having RBI qualifying internet means

    "The RBI's current goal is broadband with peak download speeds of at least 5Mbps (megabits per second)"

  • Thanks - posted it in my local rural facebook group

  • +1

    Could be used to get starlink I guess? https://www.cheapies.nz/node/37523

    • Unfortunately the grant will only be available after the Starlink sale has finished. I enquired about the grant on Monday, and the response from Crown Infrastructure Partners was:
      "The vouchers will be available after the RFP is complete as we are will have a good idea of who will be able to be covered by the end of this process. We are aiming for the second half of 2023."

      • Since subsidy is more than the full price of Starlink, you can still have a free connection in either case.

        • Yeah, so the choice comes down either:
          (a) Paying $520 + install, and getting Starlink in a couple of weeks (DIY install recommended Cheapies though!)
          (b) Waiting to the 2nd half of next year for: 4G, WISP or grant up to $2k (depending on which technology CIP decides for you)

  • Surely they need to take a wider approach to this, can just see one customer asking, local network company says no chance, $2000 gets handed out, their neighbour then asks and gets the same thing. Had they asked together the local network company may well have done the extension to reqch a number of properties.

    • +1

      If I understand it correctly they collect all the expressions of interests first before they go out to local providers.

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