Biggest Dollar Store in Auckland?

There's quite a lot of $2 shops around Auckland, but does anyone know which one has the biggest selection of everyday items? (i.e. non-party supplies)

The biggest one I've been to is the Up2Ten store in Westgate, and they have an amazing selection, but it's pretty far from where I live.


  • Each suburb has their own go-to $2 shop. It can be big (Look Sharp) or small (mom and pop). If I can't find something in one store, chances are they're available in another. I do notice I buy alot from Daiso (St Lukes and Queen St) must be better quality products but they're more like a $3.50 store not $2 lol (or 3 items for $10).

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      Yes Daiso is the Japanese 100-yen (aka $2) store behemoth with 5,000+ franchise stores worldwide, and they got some quality stuff. I wish we had Donki stores here as well.

  • Not been for a couple years but if itโ€™s still there the one in Manukau in the precinct with Countdown (not Westfield) is pretty huge

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      havent been inside that one but it is huge. also i find it entertaining when they show the thieves on the tvs on the storefront

    • It's the Wholesale club right?

      • Yes, thats the one

      • yes that might be the biggest in Auckland, as in shop space. But I haven't been back in like 5 years, too many crackheads in the area ๐Ÿ˜ Also this one time I was nearly mowed down by a trolley when a guy did a shop and dash from Countdown, no joke.

  • They aren't big individually, but West City has so many of the damn things

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