Questions about Powershop

Hi everyone

The last time I was with Powershop was probably 7 years ago. If I remember correctly in the standard plan you pay for the kwh, and there's no daily fixed charge. If that's the case isn't it a good provider for when you're on holiday for a significant length of time (you still want to have electricity connected for running the fridge/alarm etc, but won't use much during that time)?


  • Am on their Low User plan and they definitely charge a daily fee. Checking their rates for Wellington and they charge a daily fee for their standard use plans too. Try Octopus energy as they're currently waiving the daily fees for Low User plans but I'm not sure that would apply for a limited time while you're on holiday. Most plans are based on annual consumption in the past.

  • I moved from powershop after they doubled the low user daily fee earlier this year. So it didn't make hem competitive for me. Not all power companies increased the daily fee.

  • the low user daily fee is being phased out, should be fully gone by 2026

  • The power switch website calculates the best power provider and even the best plan for your address. It's absolute gold. And if your lucky and get electric kiwi you get to choose a free hour of power every day.

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