Price Error from The Market

Has anybody brought something from The Market that was a price error? Did it get shipped?

I purchased a TV from Noel Leeming via there last week. Was definitely a price error as was fixed up shortly after. Has been sitting as 'confirmed' since then, even though delivery was supposed to be 3-5 working days.

Do I just leave it in the hope that they eventually fulfil it?
Or follow up with The Market?

Don't want to chase them and they decide to look into it more and cancel it.

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      Had been keeping an eye on all sorts of comments for that exact scenario. Somehow missed these comments. Guess I'll keep waiting and hoping.

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        Maybe place a comment on the second link and see how Everettpsycho is going with his/her order.

  • The tv is now in my living room ready to be unpacked so more willing to discuss now it can't get cancelled before it arrives.

    Seems the way oversize delivery in this instance works is noel leeming relocated stock to our local depot then arranged delivery with customers directly with their own van. The order on the market is still not showing as dispatched now despite being in my possession.

    • Yeah seems to be that way. Mine arrived today also.

  • I'm unsure about TVs but I ordered something small last weekend that arrived yesterday, and is still showing on The Market as "Confirmed" without showing that it was shipped. Must be errors in their system.

    • Yeah, it was actually delivered today. So pretty happy in that. Just didn't want to miss out on getting a tv at this time of year.

  • I think about a year ago, I ordered a veon tv from the market, delivered after few days even though status was showing as confirmed and awaiting shipment.

    And, same product again got delivered after another 15 days or so and then status changed to received.

    I kept both.

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