Can't Decide between These Two Multipurpose Air Fryers - Reviews & My Pros Vs Cons List below…




Need an air fryer that has
1. Rotating basket
2. Oven function to make grilled cheese/pizza 🍕 on demand (regular air fryer you can't because of the fan, cheese flies off the base).

Pros of Sunbeam:

  1. Available locally at Smith City so can pickup asap.
  2. Local store warranty usually always better
  3. Better brand than Kogan
  4. Retail price of $499 now 45% off sale

Cons: Cost compared to Kogan?

Pros of Kogan:

  1. $275 vs $160 - almost 40% less cost

1. Unsure how the warranty works with Mightyape
2. Unsure the quality control of Kogan appliances


  • Kogan one looks quite a lot like the KMart one we bought (same icons on the front panel). We love it and use it almost daily:…

    There are a couple of niggles to get used to: the door has a habit of falling off if you open it by pulling up (it's removable for cleaning) and cooking is a little uneven - bottom rack is slightly under done, top rack is slightly overdone, but overall we'd definitely get another one. They also make a larger model that wasn't available at the time we bought ours:…

    • Thanks, is it noisy? We are just 2 so wouldn't need the big one and we have a tiny kitchen and virtually no more room in the kitchen cupboards so smaller the better!
      It looks very similar to the ones I've posted and way cheaper. I wonder what the build quality is like and also how's the warranty like with Kmart? I've never had a warranty experience with Kmart before..

      Also, with the rotating basket, v was hoping to have a set and forget for fries vs having to shake and constantly keep an eye. Isn't the not the case with yours?

      • It's not too noisy, the main noise is the fan. It's not as quiet as a full size fan oven but a lot quieter than, say, a blender. Not sure how to describe it.

        It does take up a bit of bench space and the vent is out the back so you kind of need to pull it out from the wall a bit or you end up with hot condensation on your wall.

        Build quality is good for the price. It's not a premium product by any means, but as you've already pointed out you could buy one every two years and still probably be ahead financially. Warranty is 12 months but I've never had any trouble returning things to Kmart.

        It does come with one but I haven't used the rotating basket, sorry. Generally the mesh trays are good enough for most things and they're really easy to clean. I probably should try the basket, it might help with the overcooked fries on the top shelf!

        • Awesome, does it have heating element on top and bottom?
          Have you tried making pizza with it? Wondering if the fan will blow the grated cheese off when turned on..
          We will probably use the regular oven for weekly meal prep and bigger cooking but every day snacks and instant craving it looks like a good option.

          • @brownie1: Heating element is only in the top. Tried pizza and it works but not as well as an oven, again because the heat is from the top, so the base doesn't cook as well and a pizza blocks a lot of air flow.

            Chicken nibbles are fantastic, as is toast (4 slices per tray), dehydrated fruit, toasted buns for hamburgers, roast veggies, wedges/fries, keeping pancakes warm while you cook a stack, there are so many uses.

            I was an air fryer denier until I finally succumbed and bought this for my wife. Now I use it more than she does! 🤣

            • @CheapAzChips: Thanks for that!! Our main use would have been to make pizza and grilled cheese on demand as it's a waste to turn on the big oven for just that.
              1. Are there any work arounds you can think of to make the pizza option work better ?
              2. Worst case, if the base is not super thick, or if we just try use "low carb" version and use just a big wrap for the base and put toppings on it, would it work fine?
              3. Cheese on toast would work fine though right? Just not thick base pizza

              • @brownie1: Smaller pizzas perhaps? They work ok, it's just that because the most of the heat is coming from the top the base won't get very crispy except around the edges.

                Yes, cheese on toast is fine.

      • Oh another thing, it does a good job of dehydrating things. When apples were 69c a kilo at PnS earlier this year we dehydrated apples for free every night on Contact's Good Nights plan. Was great for lunches and snacks 😁

        • Ooh never tried dehydrating before but could be fun to try.. We are on electric kiwi , not as cheap but 11pm onwards it's kinda cheap as well

          • @brownie1: We're on Electric Kiwi also - do you not have "hour of free power" with your contract? We have cheap power from 23:00-07:00 and picked our free hour from 6-7am - the heat pump, washing machine and dryer are all set for 6am! 😄

            • +1

              @rizzle27: Hi, yes! We are on that contract as well but our HoP is set up to be 4pm to 5pm because everyone leaves home around 730am ish and gets home like 5pm ish.. I work from home but I'm always in my office room which has a tiny 5 fin oil heater set up to come on at 5am on low heat so it slowly heats up the room by time I'm up.

              Main components are heatpump, dishwasher, oven, washer/dryer:

              Heatpump set to come on at 4pm on full blast for 1hour then 5pm onwards on eco mode till we go to bed or auto shut off at 1145pm.
              Dishwasher set to come on at 4pm on timer for 1hr cycle
              Oven - I do bulk cooking when I'm wfh where all the prep done and ready to be put into the oven at 4pm - 5pm
              Washer/dryer - The auto cycle is set to start at 3pm where 1hr wash and 1hr drying where the drying part will be 4 to 5pm.

              • @brownie1: Sounds like you have it sorted too! Funny how many things you can squeeze into an hour with some careful planning 😄

                • @rizzle27: Haha we are saving a wee bit but tbh rest of the fams don't care at all and whatever savings made on the HoP is balanced out by the usage during peak hours lol

  • This Kogan model gets good reviews ( including for pizza cooking ) on their site and if you don’t mind having a black one it is on special at $139 ( stainless is $189 ), normal price for black is $289.…

    • I was looking at that actually and seems like a great deal, also they have a $99 one as well which looks very similar. Was about to pull the trigger but checked with partner but might be a bit too big for our small kitchen after all :(

      So hard to find a compact ish model that has 'see through' glass AND rotating basket.

  • I was just about to recommend the Instant Pot Vortex 10L since it was on special on Amazon AU for AUD 175 with free delivery (NZD 199 approx delivered), but it appears Amazon have been sneaky and added delivery charge to this. It's still a great price though, works out at around NZD 250 delivered. Or you can buy from the Market for NZD 273.59 if you want a local warranty.

    However, I would say forget about rotisserie, it's messy and a pain in the butt to clean.

    Instant Pot Vortex 5.7L Black Friday special is still live on Amazon AU AUD 119 with free delivery (NZD 135 delivered). It's a fantastic air fryer. This is a great size for up to 4 people and cooks much better than the Sunbeam ones. I've had both and much prefer Instant Pot. If you want to cook a whole chicken, just get a butterflied chicken like Waitoa or learn to spatchcock it yourself by watching a 2 minute youtube video using a pair of scissors. 35-45 mins (depending on size) and you're done, you don't even need to turn it over during cooking. Also cooks other meat beautifully (like butterflied lamb for example). It also has a bake function and is fine for making cheese on toast (or a small pizza) with grated cheese without any of it flying anywhere.

    Cannot recommend it highly enough. Use it every day.

    • Thanks!
      I was advised to get something with see through window so don't have to open everytime.
      Also, for even cooking, a rotating basket model. We won't use the rotisserie for chicken..


      • I'd go with the Instant Pot 10L, it has rotisserie and glass window. Good price at the moment on Amazon and the Market. It's a very good quality American Brand. Much better than Kogan or Sunbeam for that matter.

        • Thanks I'll take a look. Any thoughts on Ninja Foodi Flip ? It's the "space saving" edition, no basket but has heat from top and bottom.

  • Just FYI there is a $99 one is in todays email from OfftheBack:…

  • I'm looking at these two, on "special price" at Briscoes (hahaha) – any opinions on them?

    Tefal Easy Fry & Grill Classic Air Fryer EY5018…

    Sunbeam DiamondForce™ 3-In-1 Digital 5L Air Fryer AFP4500DF…

    • Depending on how much you want to spend this one is a pretty good deal. I have this but the previous model and it works fine for my needs

      Russell Hobbs Brooklyn Air Fryer for $135
      Could Price Promise at Briscoes and get it for $121.50

    • Oh, one thing that looks more useful with the Sunbeam is that it goes down as low as 30ºC for dehydrating. The Tefal one only goes down to 80°C.

  • Hope you don't mind me adding in here rather than starting an ew thread. I've also been eyeing up airfryers for ages, but having never used one, it's a little hard to know what I'm looking for. We're just a small family of 2 adults and a toddler so doesn't need to be huge.

    I'm sure I'll explore and find other things to cook, but for now the main things I'd like to be able to cook in it are bacon, crumbed fish fillets, nuggets, fries, and maybe things like a couple of baked potatoes or re-heating pizza - since I expect the things I'd cook in it will have crumbs and or oil splatter, for me the biggest thing is it needs to easy to clean. Other nice functions I believe I'd use frequently is if it has timer or other digital smarts to start and stop cooking automatically so that I can start the cooking, and walk away to shower or watch my toddler without worrying about over-cooking or being a fire hazard.

    Other functions like a viewing window, or auto-tossing sound nice but I'm not sure how common those features are (nor if actually practical/useful).

    Anyone have thoughts on these ones below or any other specific recommendations?……

    • As per my previous comments, I'd reccoment the Instant Pot Vortex 5.7L. Top quality device.

      Currently on sale on Amazon for approx. NZ $135 delivered.…

      The viewing window on the newer model that you mentioned is cool, but not really worth the extra $$$ since you can check progress so easily by pulling the drawer out.

      You can also get 15% cashback if you buy from Amazon using Cashrewards between 6pm and 8pm tonight. If you're not already a member and use the referral link you'll get another $10 off, bringing the net price sub-$100.

  • I bought the Kogan one to try out as it was cheap, its rubbish. its underpowered - so takes ages to cook compared to a good one and does a poor job - the rotisserie is more of a novelty than anything else as the way these things are meant to work - its supposed to circulate the air so it doesnt need to rotate so why have the stuff spinning if the air is flowing correctly. The reason, its underpowered. I have it in my garage currently. I actually gave it to someone for free and they gave it back lol

    Spend the money , buy the Phillips XXL one or any Phillips one but the bigger the better - they are expensive for a reason, they are also never for sale on Trademe, as noone ever sells them once they have one, if you watch out over time they do go on sale and then you can get them on the market usually cheaper than elsewhere with the coupons.

    We use ours literally every day, sometimes multiple. I have multiple now so we can cook different things at the same time. The cost is worth it when you use it that much, its by far our most used appliance.

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