Artificial Christmas Tree

Well it's getting to that time of year again. Have had a homemade wooden tree for the last few years, but the kids want a real (fake) tree this year. Any recommendations on where to get a quality one from?


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    Your homemade wooden tree sounds very cool - darn kids!

    • Agreed. The old small one broke last year so was all set to build a new one. But you know kids, always want what other people have. Plus, no idea when I'd get a chance to build one in time.

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    Quality fake ones cost a reasonable amount; if you can, I would hold off till after Christmas when everyone is dumping their stock and keep an eye out then

    • I can second this. We picked up an awesome used one for the bach in approx Feb a few years ago.

      Op shops get given tons of cheap ones and you often see a pile of ones from the warehouse available for $10-$20

    • Absolutely recommend this, the discounts on Christmas decorations / trees on the days leading up to and after Christmas are fantastic. I got a 2m fiberoptic tree of decent quality for a bloody great rate.

      While it doesn't help you so much this year, it would be great for next year.

  • Are you looking for a standard tree or fibre optic one?
    Do you want a small one (2-3 feet, or a full 8+ foot one)
    And whats your budget?

    We have one of the full sized standard farmers tree that we bought on their usual half price sale + credit card reward points. We went for one of their higher end ones 5+ years ago and are very happy with it. They don't sell it anymore and look to have a worse selection than they did back then.

    This one from Farmers is currently under half price
    Its got lots of tips, is nice and big. For the price you are getting something that has half its leaves as shitty plastic cutouts and half nice needles

    This one from The Warehouse cheaper but in person I don't like them as much

    If you've got money to burn then this one from The Heirloom Store might be worth going to check out in person. The Christmas Store also look like they have some nice pricy options

    • Im a big fan of the Farmers trees. Got the 10ft one 23/12/2019 for $350 down from $1200 I think.
      Normally all their trees drop down a couple of days before christmas.
      That farmers one linked by TMurder looks like a good option

    • Good work. Yeah was looking mostly at the farmers ones, was just interested to see if they were still quality, or if there was anywhere else.

    • Not sure what the price was when you placed this comment, but looks like they're even cheaper today?

  • Aluminium xmas trees are back in fashion again after mid century modern furniture making a comeback

  • Mightyape 6ft - just bought one myself and waiting to put it up but quality looks good so far.

  • This $10 only 6 feet Christmas tree is actually quite reasonable once a bit of decorations are added.…

  • Depends on budget and size. Costco have good ones but they are quite pricey, and some are very large

  • Kmart is a good place to consider as well.

  • We got nice decorations and tree in the post Christmas sales at

    David Jones
    Bed Bath and table

    The tree we got is actually a continuous spiral so all the branches are just one piece with led lights that are already integrated so you just lift it up by the top and slide the poles (main trunk) into the centre and it's done.

  • If you're in Christchurch I have a large quality one I am selling. Its too big for me

  • I kept an eye out on Trade Me and marketplace for a second hand Farmers one. It’s a really decent tree and was much cheaper, but in perfect condition.

  • Got a mightyape 5ft, maybe 6ft, one 2 years ago. Is decent but if I was doing it again I would get one with lights in it. Have had a bad run with string lights, last year they died after a week an had to remove all decorations etc to replace

  • This tree is $20 delivered once you apply the coupon
    Mazam 2.4M 8FT Christmas Tree Green Home Decorations 1400 Tips

    Mixed reviews though. One reckons there are heaps of gaps.

  • Anyone have any recommendations of good quality trees in stock in Christchurch between $100-$200? Would have loved to get the farmers one but no stock locally and shipping.

  • How big is the box on the farmers Xmas tree? 6.5 foot. Would be keen to have friends buy it for me and ship it down or buy an extra check in luggage.

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