Most affordable Printer to buy for general home use?

Hi all,

What’s everyone’s recommendations on home printers?

We seldomly use our cheap HP $40 one currently.

However when the ink cartridges need replacing it costs $26+ each for a genuine hp cartridge. And I can’t seem to find any knock off cartridges available on trademe.

Has anyone found a printer that is relatively cheap upfront and has cheaper ink cartridges on aliexpress/trademe?

Happy to pay a higher upfront cost if it means a better printer + cheaper knock off ink cartridges.


  • Got one of this Brother Laser Printer for around $140 I think last year and it been great. I know few people who have the same model, and everyone of them recommends it.

    Also, the similar All in one is very nice as well.

    • What is the difference between the first link and this one?…

      I also have a brother laser printer but can't tell what's the difference between mine and yours.

      Also highly recommend over inkjets

      • duplex printing on mine. I think the one you have doesn't have that. Also, lan & usb connection. Resolution & Speed. For me Duplex printing is a must so this was an easy choice and hands down best option compared to Inkjet.

        Brother HL1210W

        • Automatic Document Feeder: N/A
        • Printing Colour: Black & White Only
        • Largest Supported Size: A4
        • Max Monochrome Print Speed: 20 ppm
        • Max Colour Print Speed: N/A
        • Maximum Print Resolution: 600 x 2400 dpi
        • Wireless Technology:RF
        • Duplex:Manual

        Brother HLL2375DW

        • Automatic Document Feeder: Not Specified
        • Printing Colour: Black & White Only
        • Largest Supported Size:A4
        • Max Monochrome Print Speed: 34 ppm
        • Max Colour Print Speed: N/A
        • Maximum Print Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
        • Wireless Technology:RF
        • Duplex: Automatic
        • I did see the resolution difference, but 600 x 2400 is also the same as the all-in-one you linked, so I don't know if one is necessarily superior; same square inch resolution.

          What is the benefit for lan + USB connection? Once it is set up it should be seamless to use wirelessly and more cables are bad for cable management.

          My need for a printer is more of a barebones type for those times you need 2 pages here and there and saves a trip to the library or something whereas if you need to do duplex printing regularly, it saves more time to not have to turn the page over manually every time. Most importantly for me about the laser printer is they are reliable for when you need them and I feel like there are way more problems trying to print with an inkjet.

          • @Bill: I agree on all except duplex printing which I require. As I have my printer in garage and often print 10-12 pages at a time. If you don't need that your printer is perfect.

            All in one helps in scanning which can be achieved by phone but just if someone wants.

            • @ace310: I meant, if you do duplex printing regularly, getting one that does it automatically is worth it to not have to turn pages over manually.

    • I have that all-in-one. It's excellent!

  • I've been waiting for a printer cashback deal for what almost feels like 2 years now. This site used to always have printer cashback deals pre 2018

    • I've been waiting for a year for a good deal. I didn't realise how much I used the work printers for personal use until I started to work from home pretty much full time.

  • Do note bother often offers cashback on purchase

  • We have a Canon inkjet. I buy compatible carts from jerryscience on trade me. I pay for $18+ postage for a pack which contains all FIVE Carts. If I was to buy them in a shop they're $35 EACH approx. HP are one of the worst as they have inbuilt chips in the carts and some serious inbuilt protection to pretty much force you into buying the seriously overpriced genuine carts.

  • Recently plugged in a mono brother laser printer at my parents house not used in 10 years. It fired up and printed immediately no quality issues.

    Avoid inkjet if you can and even with a laser printer I would avoid colour unless its really necessary - costs more per page & you have multiple drums to replace if you do a bit of printing vs a black/white printer.

  • If you want knockoff Cartridges try Computer food Pukekohe .

    They give great service ,product to you next day. I am in Coromandel .

  • +1 for black & white laser printers. Soooo much cheaper to run.

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