Wheelie Bin Rubbish Services - Auckland NS - looking for recommendations

Hey Guys,

Been using the Waste Management 80Litre wheelie bins service for years. Was paying about $65 per 6 months for weekly collection which was cheaper than the council system at the time.

Just wondering what everyone else uses? I just got the invoice for next 6 months @ $125 for another 6 months - and when I queried why its doubled - I got this:

The increase reflects market changes which have influenced our operating costs, and costs associated with the Emissions Trading Scheme. In addition, the Government is increasing and expanding the Waste Disposal Levy, meaning it will become more expensive to dispose of waste at landfill.

So looking for recommendations, suppose the council bin with tags is the way to go - prob is I hear the tags get nicked in my woods….


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    You must be from Beach Haven.. lol… I've since moved from NS but Econowaste was always reliable and well priced.

    Econowaste 80L = $68 for 6 months or $12.30 monthly
    Envirowaste 80L = $16.88 per month.
    Waste Management = $18 per month.

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    Make sure you write your address on the tag before putting it out - it does seem to dissuade those that would steal them, but sometimes it is just kids, rather than theft per se.

    I am hoping the tags will go away - it makes no sense to me, having two people collecting rubbish (one to get tags, and one to drive the truck), when it was being done by one person previously (and still is for the recycling bins).

    • Yeah the tags are a silly idea - just creating more waste too

      • The general principal of 'user pays' makes sense in general, which also associates a cost (and value in people's minds) with generating waste, but in this case, it is pointless, as it just adds too much cost to the process.

        If they were doing it electronically (RFID tag in the bins for example), then it would make a lot more sense, and less ongoing waste too.

    • I agree, that's a so dumb idea to do it. Also, adding more to landfill and increasing cost.

      Best would be to attach a rfid tag to the bin and when it's being picked up it can be scanned by the truck(tag reader can be near the pickup area so no interaction required) and problem solved. It can be either pre-paid or post-paid doesn't matter.

  • Tags are being done away with: A rate-funded refuse service is planned to start in April 2024 in Papakura and Franklin and continue for the North
    Shore and Waitākere throughout 2024/2025

  • Along with the food scrap bin that is supposed to be starting on The Shore, yet another charge on our rates.

  • I assume that your must have kids? We moved into our house in March, and only just put our small 120l bin out for collection a week ago.

    With composting, recycling and soft plastic recycling, we barely make any rubbish and we don't try hard at all.

    Pro tip: freeze fat/offcuts so it doesn't stink your bin out.

    • Yeah we pay for a weekly pickup but the bin only goes kerbside probably 1 or 2 a month… we dont produce much waste

  • Just wonder if anyone managed to opt out waste collection charge as it is included in Rates in Manukau area regardless rubbish/recycling is used or not.

    • I wish we are allowed to do that, but I don't think so

      • once its in the rates its out of your hands and government can increase as they wish.

  • No you can't opt out sadly, and the food scrap bin is next so going to be paying another $70 a year for nothing.

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