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Free Coke Zero Sugar (Any Size, First 50,000 Customers) @ McDonald's App


Free Coke Zero Sugar Any Size at McDonalds between 5am and 11pm.

Have a look in your app to view this deal. No other purchase needed, simply scan your app to receive the freebie.

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    Yea just got a notification in my app. Now to do some hot sweaty work to deservedly earn this freebie.

    • It's no sugar so no work needed!

    • The workout is…. sprinting to the next branch to grab your free drink lol.

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    Probably should add that this deal is only available to the first 50,000 people to redeem between 14 and 20 November, so first come first serve.

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      Thanks. Updated.

    • What are the chances it is still available tomorrow? Anyways I grabbed my share because snooze you lose.

      • From previous deals, I would say the chances are quite high it will still be there tomorrow. Probably the day after too

  • Went in yesterday in Westfield Manukau, they honored any flavour and i don't think it for the first 50,000 customers, I went towards closing time, I am sure the whole of NZ would be done with that numbers in just a couple of hours.

    • If you order on the self-check out it's a Coke Zero only. If ordering at their checkout maybe you can depending on the person serving you but I'm sure no guarantees. Likewise maybe you could ask at the counter to change after ordering but will depend on the staff I'm sure.

      And while I'm sure some people aren't counted since they do it at their checkout and staff don't make them redeem, see no reason to think McDonald's would risk being prosecuted by the Commerce Commission and suffer lots of bad publicity over a freebie. And I see no way McDonald's would sell that many that fast, it would mean an average of ~143 free drinks per store per hour while still dealing with all other orders. (The deal also started at 0500!)

      As I mentioned above, I expected this to last at least two days and it has. Let's remember many people don't like or can't be bothered or can't point blank (no smart phone, smart phone too old, banned by parents) to install apps or maybe refuse to sign up for an account or give an email. (Not everyone bothers with throw away email addresses.) Many people hate drinks sweetened with non-nutritive sweeteners or especially "artificial" ones like acesulphame potassium & aspartame, and even if there is a chance they could convince staff to change, something they may not even consider, they might not bother going just to try. Some don't drink soft drinks point blank and I suspect your chances of convincing staff to change to a hot chocolate or even their ice tea is far lower than another post-mix soft drink. Many people won't think it worth going to a McDonald's just to buy something they can get for less than $2 when on special at a supermarket. Some people wouldn't be seen dead buying something from a McDonald's.

      Previous McDonald's deals with 30k in a day which are IMO better (e.g. cheeseburgers) have also not run out so you're also suggesting they're lying about these. Yet sometimes they have (e.g. Big Mac and I think McChicken) so clearly they're not always lying. I'd note that the nuggets deal ~2 weeks ago also didn't run out, it was only a day and had way more 166,667 although IMO is a way better deal also likely shown by the 48 positive votes and personally I didn't bother to vote since I'd already heard about it from the general app deal thread I suspect I'm not the only one. (I saw this deal in the app before I read it here but still gave this a tick to encourage posting on Cheapies.) If they were giving away 50000 of these in 2 hours, then no reason they couldn't blow through the nuggets in 19 hours.

      I mostly bring it up though because I wouldn't be surprised if the numbers on that deal combined with whatever other data they have influenced this one. I don't see why McDonald's would bother to make a week long deal if they only expected it to last 1 day unless Coca-cola refused to pay for more or something which I also find unlikely. (I don't know but especially since this is Coke No Sugar only, I think it might be partly or completely sponsored by them to get people to try Coke No Sugar. IIRC there was something like that before.)

      Plus you also have to hear about this deal, unlike some previous deal I haven't seen this advertised on NZ Herald but I haven't visited much but even assuming there is advertising all over the place, many people either won't see it or won't pay attention. Cheapies is popular, but still only a tiny percentage of the NZ population check it out and even for those that do, people can miss deals. The positive ticks on this deal are also quite low compared to what very popular deals get. Word of mouth helps, but many people aren't going to bother to tell their friends and family over a limited deal like this. Heck I have only told one person, and I strongly suspect many of those who I didn't tell do not know. And I suspect that numbers redeeming probably go down quite fast, since many people are only going to get one and those most likely to redeem will do it fast just in case it runs out.

  • Just went, redeemed today's $9 combo and asked her to also redeem the free Coke Zero Sugar and she allowed me to redeem both coupons in drive through

    • I think if redeeming two different coupons you'll generally have no problem they just put it through as two orders probably a somewhat common request. If redeeming two of the same single use coupons perhaps some staff will complain. I've never had a problem when there are two people in the car but never tried it with only one person. However I have redeemed two of the same single use at the counter with only one person before.

      • If you look at their T's and C's it basically says only one coupon per transaction. They do have cameras to see if you have one or multiple people in your car although I have redeemed (one person) two special coupons one via iPhone and another via iPad Pro Gen3

  • Just claimed me first free drink.

    • Yup still works, just tried it Friday

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