Recommendation for Lastpass Alternatives?

Lastpass (PC) doesn't always fill in the credit card details properly for online payment. Will have to manually put the card expiry or security code from time to time which is a bit annoying. Looking for an alternative which can do a better job. Google has some suggestions but I don't have experience with any of them. Any input will be appreciated.


    • Thanks, reading now.

    • Bitwarden, Keepass, 1password are the most popular ones according to the link. I'll try Keepass first.

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        I use Bitwarden. Free, open-source and works well across multiple devices

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    I use 1Password and while it's not free this is one service that I'm happy to pay for. I have a family account and it makes sharing some passwords and not others super easy. Eg. wife and I have separate accounts but share credentials for Netflix, Disney, etc. Kids forget their master passwords all the time and as admin I can reset it for them. Doesn't have much trouble with form filling, and recent update makes it even better. I don't use it for credit cards, mind you, only passwords and MFA codes.

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    I did extensive research into this a few years ago and ended up with BitWarden. I only use it to store logins and not card details as I use google pay for that which I find more convenient as it's already set up.

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      I concur about BitWarden - I did my research when LastPass made their changes about a year ago (can't recall the exact timing - might have been earlier this year), and BitWarden seemed the best option to me.

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    After trying keepass for an hour, I decided to jump to BitWarden. It's a bit confusing that keepass seems to have different versions (Kee, Tusk, KeePassXC)? I put Tusk on my Firefox but couldn't figure out how to use it. The BitWarden setup seems to be pretty straightforward and I'm happy with it so far.

    • If you're going to be saving only one copy of logins get the backup encryption key asap. I just emailed it to myself for peace of mind, no one is going to dig around your emails looking for a bitwarden access key.

      • Is that for security enhancement? I'm thinking to enable the second authentication with Google Authenticator.

      • Actually, I've got it confused. The backup encryption key is for my Vivaldi account. Bitwarden uses a recovery code that needs to be kept safe.

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    I jumped to Bitwarden when Lastpasss increased their fees and haven't looked back. I find it better in every way, and it's much more reliable in popping up and offering login details when I need it.

    • I second this! Did the jump also about 2 years ago, Bitwarden is great! and only $10 a year for their premium.

  • I use Bitwarden, free version, for last 6 months and I am quite happy with it.

    Will have to manually put the card expiry or security code from time to time which is a bit annoying.

    Same problem with Bitwarden. Not sure other can do better as this depend on how well the website is made. Bitwarden can only guess if your page contain a credit card field and which one is it

    Also I am not buying/using my credit card online every hour so a copy paste is not a big deal. I already found that not having to go to the wallet to buy something online make me buy more crap than I should :P

    • Thanks, haven't got a chance to buy anything online since jumping to Bitwarden. Will see how it goes.

    • The only one I know of that can auto-fill cards is the browser's own autofill. That's the way I like it as it requires the cvv which I can easily memorise.

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    +1 for Bitwarden.
    Autofill on my phone I've defaulted to Google but for all the "important" pwords, I use BW. So far been great.

  • I use Google Chrome default it's good

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    For password protection, dump LastPass for open source Bitwarden…

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