50% off Kogan Mobile 365 Day SIM Plans - Black Friday deals for 2022?

Anyone have any inside info or any info on if there might be something similar to the 50% off Kogan Mobile 365 Day SIM Plans same as last year?

Also, I cannot find where to turn off the 'auto rewnew'. My only option is a red button in Account settings to 'update card'.


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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    I believe they'd already done their deal a couple months back. So unless they have another one upcoming, you've missed out unfortunately.

    • Oh no! Was hoping there will be one for Black Friday as its basically one of the biggest sale dates.. Or at least Christmas/Boxing day next month.

    • That was 2 for 1.

      Last year there was a 2 for 1, then a half price deal around this time (or maybe Jan?).

  • I'm sure there will be another one before the year is out.
    Have a look at some of the previous Kogan mobile deals here
    November and December last year had deals on.

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      Awesome, yea I see they had back to backs last year. Also such good value as I'm in Chch and there is 5G almost everywhere I go.. Other than its hard on the battery, would love to keep using Kogan.
      Also @bigcheese - currently my credit card saved on kogan is just expired - hoping that is as good as turning off 'auto renew' ? - I couldn't find this option anywhere in the account section.

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        An expired card will be ok as they can’t debit it.
        However, I would still turn auto renew off.

        I’m doing this from memory but in the app when you login there is an option to disable auto renew.
        Look for the ‘….’ on the dashboard and you should see it when you click.
        Sorry I don’t have the app currently so might be wrong.

        • Found it! It was hiding in the "…." Thanks heaps!

  • My current 365 plan with Kogan Mobile expires in April, so I was just having a browse, and noticed that the app is giving me an option to renew my 'Large 180GB 365days' Plan for $165, which is half of what the price normally is ($330). Is this the case for anyone else?

    • I dont have the app, but the app is just a wrapper for the web anyway. Had a look, it is not giving me that option just the normal $330 price.

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      I’m not sure about the price but remember that you will lose any days remaining on your current plan if renew now.

    • Mine has the option to renew Small for $80 which is the plan I'm currently on, the other larger tiers are full price for me

      Still another 5 months until their birthday which might see a 50% off/BOGOF deal if we are lucky

      • Yeah small is suppose to be $160 for 365 days. Interesting that it’s half for you as well.

        Here’s the link to what I see. https://ibb.co/YhVJyQN

        I’ll buy the large at $165 closer to when my plan finishes and report back xD

      • is this option app only for you or on the website as well?

        • Just logged in on the website, and it's giving me $165 for large option too!

  • Hi, When is the next 50% off Kogan Mobile 365 Day SIM Plans (Small $80, Medium $125, Large $165) @ Kogan Mobile?

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      No one knows.
      You just need to keep checking to see when the next one is active.
      As a guide they did a BOGOF this time last year, but the most consistent is from about Aug/Sept when they have their birthday and also Nov/Dec.

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