This was posted 7 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Switch Your Broadband to Contact, Get $300 Credit (Existing Customers Only) @ Contact Energy


Details below - FAQ states that all broadband plans are open term, and that the $300 will be added after 30 days.

Get a $300 credit when you add broadband before 31 December. It's easy to do through the Contact app or your online account (My Account). Simply sign in, go to My Property and hit 'add broadband.'

Here's a few things to know:

  • Availability and speeds may vary.
  • Broadband is only available with electricity as it is not a standalone product.
  • One $300 credit per customer.
  • Please allow 30 days for the $300 credit (including GST) to be applied to your account.
  • Contact reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any time.

When will I receive my $300 credit if I add broadband to my plan?

The $300 credit will be applied to your account within 30 days. It will appear as "billing credit” on your bill. The easiest way to view this is via your digital bill in the app or your online account (My account) as you’ll see the $300 credit in one line item. If you view the credit on your PDF bill then the discount amount will show exclusive of GST with an amount of $260.87. However, the remaining part of the discount will be deducted in the GST portion of your bill meaning that you receive the full benefit of the $300 credit.

Does anything change with my energy accounts if I add broadband?

There will be no changes to your energy account prices or terms. Broadband plans are open term plans and will be added to your bill so you will get one monthly bill. If you are an eligible customer currently on Prepay, weekly or monthly billing you may like to switch to get one monthly bill.

Do I have to be locked in a plan to get this offer?

All our Broadband plans are open term, so you can stay as long as you like. We hope you’ll stay a while. Just remember that this is a special one off $300 credit available per customer.

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  • Am currently with Vodafone and am quite happy with the performance, is anyone using Contact? how have they found the performance?

    • +3

      If they are both through Chorus, then I'd expect that the performance will be exactly the same.

      Customer service… I know Vodaf(One) is poor (I would never go with Vodaf(One) ever again - although you should never-say-never), but no idea about Contact, so that could be 'out of the frying pan, and into the fire'!

      • Cool thanks, at least we won't be locked in so can move if it is poor, and agree, Voda has quite poor service, but I haven't had to call them, so it has been a good experience :)

      • So contact doesnt do a wholesaler type thing?
        It's Chorus -> Contact?
        As Chorus -> Spark

        • +1

          I guess you would have to say that Chorus is the wholesaler (you and I as consumers cant purchase direct from Chorus), and Contact, Spark, Slingshot etc are retailers (who we can purchase from).

          • @Alan6984: Thanks, I'm trying to avoid the instance of;
            Chorus -> Vodafone -> Contact

        • +4

          Contact doesn’t own their ISP network. They get the network as a service from Devoli. They only do marketing and customer service for their broadband.

    • +2

      I use Contact, speeds are ok but latency is insanely bad. I can sometimes go 6-7 seconds before a page loads.. I will probably jump off when my contract expires..

      • Did changing DNS servers help?

      • This is the kind of thing that worries me with switching. I am with Spark and have little to no issues. But they arent prepared to match Contacts deal (or offer anything useful tbh)

      • +1

        I would investigate your internal network first, 6-7 second latency is extremely unlikely to be an issue on Contacts end.

        • I do have a complicated internal setup - however had no issues when I was on Orcon/Voyager/Spark earlier with the same setup

  • +4

    Surprisingly it's cheaper than Skinny, which we're on now.

    We're signing up to Contact this month, so maybe we'll look into this in December.

    FYI Static IPs are no longer of utmost important for the home sysadmin, lots of people avoid switching providers because of their static IP.

    Most, if not all, routers (even the vendor supplied ones like Skinny) support DDNS services, and one like NoIP are free (you just have to confirm you're still using it every 30 days). ASUS Routers even have a free built in service for it.

    And if you own a domain or don't want to use DDNS, you can just use something like CloudFlare (free) and set up a cronjob to update the IP address every time it changes, so you'll have a DNS outage of 60 seconds max.

    It is rare that something requires an IP and will refuse an FQDN.

    This will do it on CloudFlare, and you don't have to have the extra DDNS hop to make it a slight amount faster. Put a hash in front of every line that is bold, apparently Cheapies uses a hash for bold, so it's eating the comments and making them extra loud instead.



    CloudFlare Pool IP Update Script for Dynamic IPs

    Author: Daniel Chong

    Date 23 Mar 2022

    This fetches the current public IP address then updates a CloudFlare pool with the value


    fetch the current public IP

    currentIP=$(curl -s);

    echo $currentIP;

    update the local cloudflare pool

    curl -X PUT "" \
    -H "X-Auth-Email: [email protected]" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    —data "{\"type\":\"A\",\"name\":\"DNSNAME\",\"content\":\"$currentIP\",\"ttl\":1,\"proxied\":false}";

    • Totally agree with this (haven't checked the syntax though!)

    • Sorry could you give me a quick explanation on why you would want a static IP in a standard home setup?

      • +2

        Technically my post says, "You don't need a static IP" but tonnes of reasons to be able to connect to your home network over the internet.

        • Home web server
        • Game server
        • Home Cloud (NextCloud)
        • Self-host a password manager
        • VPN to your home network (so you can have a shithouse laptop and a beasty desktop and just RDP to it when you're out of the house, keeping all of your data in one place, it also means your laptop can be stolen and nothing will be lost)
        • Matrix Server
        • Email Server (although I don't actually recommend this one)
        • Access to your NAS
        • Backing up your computer over the internet (eg run Urbackup then regardless of whether you're at home or overseas your laptop will always be backed up)
        • Sharing Media with friends
        • Managing your network while out of the house (remote rebooting when your girlfriend complains the internet has gone down)
        • Jellyfin server
        • Plex server

        Especially seeing as we're living in the future and unlimited 1Gb, ultra low latency fibre is just standard. Plug a laptop into a cable in, say, a hotel and you could literally game over the internet using your desktop at home.

        Here's a hundred more reasons:

        I have nothing on my own personal laptop, but can work on my full development IDE in the exact same environment that I have at home without having to manage multiple computers.

        In fact I almost moved onto a lapdock and used Dex on my phone for my interface but sadly the HP Elite X3 Lapdock doesn't play nice with Dex and newer lapdocks cost just as much as a full blown laptop.

        Personally, I literally run multiple businesses over a cluster of servers across multiple residential addresses and internet connections. It's way faster and more powerful than renting servers from companies and MASSIVELY cheaper. Our overheads are in the double digits monthly and everything is backed up in triplicate as well as any of them (or two) can go down and everything keeps running happily. And they're all running on enterprise hardware.

        If enough ever go down to lose quorum, then that's when they'll finally all go down completely (as in become unavailable, not irrecoverable) but that hasn't happened yet and it's been a few years now.

        • Thank you! I am a novice at networking, so this is great info to consider

    • With Skinny too

      $10 cheaper only.What if power charges are higher, negates it.

      Skinny has $10 discount if you have $26 mobile plan with them

      Are contact power fairly competitive ? compared to say Genesis Energy?

      • We were with them for the Good Nights plan and with good planning (and an EV) ~600KWh of usage cost $115/m.

        Now we've moved in with my father and his power bill (including gas) with Genesis (coincidentally) is ~$300. His contract expires this month.

        The Good Nights plan has significantly increased the daily since we were on it, but we should be able to end up significantly better off AND able to run the dryer every night by switching to it.

  • Does broadband mean ADSL / VDSL or Fibre or all?

    • +1

      Historically, all of them have been called broadband at the time. I'm not sure there has ever been a hard-and-fast (and unchanging) definition.

      • Cheers, I've always kept broadband and fibre separate in my head.

        • In fact, I tend to think of them as being different too.

          If someone says, 'Broadband' to me, then I tend to assume they don't mean fibre, but you can't be sure of that at all, and many people will include fibre in the 'braodband' category. On the flip side, I have never heard anyone say 'fibre' when they mean anything on copper lines, with the exception of the completely clueless, for whom it is all a type of magic :-)

          Best to always clarify if it actually matters.

  • Does anyone know if they use CGNAT?

    • Yes they do. For the time I was with them, they didn’t even have an option to get a public IP/static IP.

      • +1

        What about VLAN tagging?

    • I asked them to opt out of cgnat for plex and I have a non cgnat ip address now, but not static. which is good enough for my plexing

      • Good to know - that does at least put them in the running.

      • I asked them and they said no :(

        • I think I'd want to get it in 'writing' before moving to them in that case.

          • @Alan6984: Hey Blank, good question! 🤔

            We are unable to provide broadband without the CGNAT in place, sorry.

            Hope this gives some clarity! 😊
            - Salu

            Yeah would need in writing to confirm they can for sure do it. Maybe a case of talking to the right person.

            How do u validate that ur connection uses it or not?
            Answered my own question…
            go to


            or any similar page which will show from which public IP address your request is coming. This address is always a public IP-address, nothing else works.

            After that, login to your router and look at the status page. The router will report which WAN IP-address it has got from the ISP.

  • thanks op

  • +1

    who do they use for their 4g offerings?

  • Is it worth switching power to Contact for 3 months just to get this deal? We've locked in our mortgage again so not worried about the impact of credit checks on credit scores anymore

    • +1

      If you sign up to electricity first using one of the referral codes above, (I think) you'll also get $100 sign up credit (must remain a customer for at least 30 days). Ts and Cs of referral: Both the Referrer and Friend must remain Contact customers for a period of at least 30 days from the date the Friend’s electricity account activates for either of them to receive the Promo Credit. After that 30 day period, the Promo Code will be processed within 15 days. Possible you can not get both, but I couldn't find anything specifically saying that.
      EDIT: attempt at own risk. Refer a friend page says "Ts & Cs apply. Online only offer, not available with everyday bonus fixed plan, promo codes or other limited time offers." So not sure the broadband offer would still apply.

    • Would it impact your credit check? Why is that?

      • +1

        The number of credit enquiries to your file negatively affects your score. Utilities companies check your credit worthiness before deciding if you're eligible for their services without paying first. Not sure if it's the same weighting as if a bank was checking for a credit card or a loan, but still worth avoiding. There's lots of good info out there. Here's a summary:…

        • +1

          cool. Thanks. I thought cancelling contract would impact. Good to know. Cheers.

  • +1

    It looks like it is for existing customers so no guarantee it'll apply for new customers even if you sign up and add broadband later. But the 200off coupon still valid.

    • Whats the $200 off coupon? What did i miss?

      • +1

        My guess is this:

        Get unfixed, unlimited data combined with energy on our Broadband Bundle plan. Plus, get an extra $200 discount when you sign up online using promo code 200OFF. Online only, conditions and $14.99 delivery fee apply.

        • Thanks! So its either do this offer and get $200 for certain or risk getting just the $100 referral bonus and not the $300 by signing up…

          • @gotmilk: Looks like the 200off not working right now but I'm sure it'll come back. The 200off potentially could be used after signing up with refer a friend, but not tested recently…

  • Already with contact on the Good nights plan. Their rates have gone up. Signed up last year this month and our rates will update end of this month. So this comes at a good time.

    Regarding broadband - Currently with Skinny on a 12 month contract 4 months free then 75/m.

    We switched today to Contact broadband since it turns out to be cheaper than Skinny!

    All-in-all we now get free 3 hours electricity everyday (9PM -12AM) + will get 300 credit + reduced internet cost from $75 to $70/m (same speed, fiber).

    We do have to pay an early termination fee to Skinny of $99.

    However, it's still worth switching!


    • Im doing the very same, hopefully after using the 300$ from contact I will find a good skinny offer for 4~6 months of free broadband

      • I remember slingshot did a 6 months free for essential workers offer, my partner works in ECE and we benefitted then switched to Skinny. 10 months of FREE internet haha

    • Where did you guys find your account number for skinny where it asks for an account number when you try switch to contact?

      • No idea, I filled it with 00000 =/

      • Asked skinny and they said they use emails not account numbers so i just put N/A

      • I rang customer care, faced the same issue. When I received the confirmation email from Contact, the field was blank except the provider field. Probably better to ring them and ask them to do it on your behalf.

        I also confirmed with Skinny that they use email address to link everything within their system hence no broadband numbers.

    • +1

      Power prices have gone up quite significantly in fact. I'm on the same Good Nights plan and daily fixed charges have doubled (so $9 extra per month) and variable has gone up from 23.7c to 30.4c, and so my power bill is expected to be ~33% more. I'll probably have to shop around for power and broadband soon, good thing is that broadband is open term.

      • Yep same boat. Sounds like Good Nights got Cheapied and they can't sustain it at current levels 🤣

        • +1

          Probably that and inflation.

    • Is it Max Fibre plan that you are using?

      • No, Fast Fibre.

        • I see, thanks!

    • Could you share what you know of Skinny’s notice period requirement for a service cancellation like this?

      • Early termination fee of $199 applies if cancelled within 6 months of service otherwise $99 between 6-12 months of the contract.

        Contact turns out to be cheaper based on the following calculation.

        $300 credit - termination fee $99 = $201

        Monthly cost of fiber = $70 + power (for a 2 people household) $75 (average) = $145 total = 1 month of free power+internet.


        $55 credit for the subsequent bill.

        Keep in mind I have factored in the early termination fee of $99 otherwise you'd see 2 free months.

  • +1

    Remember that Contact will raise your power rates when you switch to a plan that includes broadband. Be careful and check the difference.

    • Is it in their Ts&Cs?

    • It says in the frequently asked questions section:

      “Does anything change with my energy accounts if I add broadband?”

      “There will be no changes to your energy account prices or terms. Broadband plans are open term plans and will be added to your bill so you will get one monthly bill. If you are an eligible customer currently on Prepay, weekly or monthly billing you may like to switch to get one monthly bill.”

      • Good find - might be for existing customers? I went through their signup process a few months back to find the best rates, and changing to add broadband did influence the base power rates. There was a discussions about it in a prior deal thread for Contact.

        • This offer is for existing customers only - it is right there in the title of the post.

          However, I guess that was what you meant anyway, as there would be no concept of them being able to 'raise your power rates when you switch to a plan that includes broadband' if you were not already a customer.

  • Can't seem to add broadband for another property, if electricity not with them??

  • Hi Does anyone know what modem contact provides for thier fiber Broadband. Curious to know if it's a WiFi 6 and if it offers any app features. Cannot find any info online which isn't a good start but the no term 300$ sounds tempting

      • I think this is for ADSL VDSL

        • I can confirm that it is the same model that they provide for Fibre as well - it's delivered by VLAN 10 on the Ethernet WAN port.

          • +1

            @cruelsummer2: I messaged them through thier app. Their response" Hi there, the modem we provide is a Tp-link Deco X55. There is a one-off charge of $14.99 which included the modem as well as postage. Hope this helped 😊"

            I have asked them if there is a term if we get the free modem and how many nodes we get. This is a decent enough router wifi 6 too

            • @premo: Aha, good to know! Maybe they have changed the model recently.

            • @premo: Hey premo, did they say there is a minimum term for keeping the modem?

              • @markymark: @markymark, I asked they said it's free of charge even if we change providers we will get to keep them. I currently have deco m5's this would make an additional node for free also the 300$ credit :-)

  • Signed up on Sunday the 7th of November online with prefered connection date of the 21st of November. Yesterday 8th of November at 2pm my internet dropped….set up my Deco with Contact recommended settings and we were back online. They confirmed through whats app chat that the connection switched yesterday , which was a bit unexpected and not the best time for us. Appart from this hiccup speed are good and customers service chat are back at you within a few hours.

    • I thought the connection date you set is the requested date, not preferred.
      Now I'm slightly nervous they will cancel the connection with my current provider before my 12 month term ends.

      • It might be too late for you this time, but for anyone else reading this, I always wait until I am outside any termination fee period before initiating any transfer request - that way I never have to be concerned about it. Even if I pay for one extra month with the old provider, it is not normally going to be all that much different.

        • Never had an issue in the past when switching broadband - they have always followed the connection date I set. I will be contact them to double check

          • @Bargain-Hunter: I agree it usually happens correctly, but I was swapped early once myself, and it caused all sorts of hassles with the old ISP. Eventually, I got the new ones to agree to give me a credit for the early termination fee, so not out of pocket, but too much hassle to be bothered with.

  • Currently with VF on a contract and super wifi. Early termination $99 for contract & $75 for super wifi. Super wifi ends in 4 months and other contract 05.04.23. Is it worth moving? I’m with contact for power. Not sure of the electricity plan but I pay 30c/day fixed, 22.70/kWh plus .130/kWh Levy excl. Is there a better electricity plan too?

  • I switched (added fibre to my power), I believe the switch was done remotely, it was seamless. Modem is Tp-link Deco X55 as mentioned above. I also received a text message informing me that the $300 credit will be applied after 30 days.

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