Pirate Nation Coffee - Update?

Been a Pirate Nation Coffee customer for ages now thanks to promos on here I was hooked - even got my workplace buying their beans too - awesome company and product.

However they seem to have vanished - anyone in the know of what happened to them?

Now looking for an alternative bean so any recommendations welcomed.

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Pirate Nation
Pirate Nation


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    Wow that's a huge shame. I've been buying from them since they first started posting here. The Wicked Wench was so good.

    My latest coffee order was from FRED coffee and I am enjoying the Black Cat blend (first time buying from them, so haven't tried anything else just yet). The price is really good at $34 a kilo, and free shipping on a Thursday if you're in Auckland.

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      Thanks @thedealman! I am trying Flight coffee at the moment to replace PN coffee - might try Fred next but yes - PN was sooooo goooood!

  • For people in North Shore, I highly recommend TOB coffee located in Rosedale, Auckland.
    They have several blends at $35 a kilo and you can get a drink with $4 off, e.g. Flat white $0.5 (Reg $4.5 - $4). Their signature one, Mr TOB, is $12.5g per 250g, which I haven't tried yet (being a cheapie…). This cafe only sells coffee drinks and beans, nothing else!

    For the brands available at supermarkets, to me Karajoz is the best. Get the 750g bag in Pak n Save ($20 - $22). They are quite fresh (roasted dates within one month).

  • Alright guys - after the best beans for 1kg @ under/around $40. We are on a mission to find a grunty but decent brew for the office since PN fell off the plant.

  • Think I've finally found my Captian George replacement.
    Check out https://havana.co.nz/collections/coffee, for a great range of flavours, most at sub 40 mark.
    My fave so far is the five star blend.

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    Raglan Roast is good for cheap coffee fyi

    • $3.00 per coffee in Nelson

    • Thanks, I've ordered a bag to try them out

      • Let me know how you find it.

        If you don’t like the coffee, it’s not my fault!!

        • We finally started on the Brown Lightning today, I still need to do a bit of adjusting of the grind but we both enjoyed it - thanks!

          • @quasar: Oh sweet! It’s great value.

            I’ve got my machine dialled in and honestly, I can make better coffees than a lot of cafes!

  • Flight coffee has been recommended here a few times - I just ordered some to try.
    Works out to be $40.5/kg

  • Yeah flight is good. Going to give supreme a shot - they have 15% off at the mo $46 per kg delivered.

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