Pirate Nation Coffee - Update?

Been a Pirate Nation Coffee customer for ages now thanks to promos on here I was hooked - even got my workplace buying their beans too - awesome company and product.

However they seem to have vanished - anyone in the know of what happened to them?

Now looking for an alternative bean so any recommendations welcomed.

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Pirate Nation
Pirate Nation


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    Wow that's a huge shame. I've been buying from them since they first started posting here. The Wicked Wench was so good.

    My latest coffee order was from FRED coffee and I am enjoying the Black Cat blend (first time buying from them, so haven't tried anything else just yet). The price is really good at $34 a kilo, and free shipping on a Thursday if you're in Auckland.

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      Thanks @thedealman! I am trying Flight coffee at the moment to replace PN coffee - might try Fred next but yes - PN was sooooo goooood!

  • For people in North Shore, I highly recommend TOB coffee located in Rosedale, Auckland.
    They have several blends at $35 a kilo and you can get a drink with $4 off, e.g. Flat white $0.5 (Reg $4.5 - $4). Their signature one, Mr TOB, is $12.5g per 250g, which I haven't tried yet (being a cheapie…). This cafe only sells coffee drinks and beans, nothing else!

    For the brands available at supermarkets, to me Karajoz is the best. Get the 750g bag in Pak n Save ($20 - $22). They are quite fresh (roasted dates within one month).

  • Alright guys - after the best beans for 1kg @ under/around $40. We are on a mission to find a grunty but decent brew for the office since PN fell off the plant.

  • Think I've finally found my Captian George replacement.
    Check out https://havana.co.nz/collections/coffee, for a great range of flavours, most at sub 40 mark.
    My fave so far is the five star blend.

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    Raglan Roast is good for cheap coffee fyi

    • $3.00 per coffee in Nelson

    • Thanks, I've ordered a bag to try them out

      • Let me know how you find it.

        If you don’t like the coffee, it’s not my fault!!

        • We finally started on the Brown Lightning today, I still need to do a bit of adjusting of the grind but we both enjoyed it - thanks!

          • @quasar: Oh sweet! It’s great value.

            I’ve got my machine dialled in and honestly, I can make better coffees than a lot of cafes!

  • Flight coffee has been recommended here a few times - I just ordered some to try.
    Works out to be $40.5/kg

  • Yeah flight is good. Going to give supreme a shot - they have 15% off at the mo $46 per kg delivered.

  • Keeping this thread alive…

    I tried the FRED Black cat and didn't really enjoy it - moved back to Supreme blend and much prefer it.
    Might go back to the trusty thunderbolt though…

    • Not heard of the Fred Black Cat. Supreme is terrific, been on that for a while now just got some Altura - not bad either

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      Fair enough on the FRED - I ended up trying a few of their other blends and single origins. Enjoyed the single origin 'P.N.G Goroka X' and 'Black Cat'. Still chasing the perfection that was the Pirate Nation Wicked Wench, both in terms of flavour and price. Just can't bring myself to pay the $50+/kg that some of the roasteries - particularly the bigger, mainstream ones - are charging.

      My last online order for coffee was from Raglan Roast and I thought it was… pretty good. The Brown Lightning was my favourite, and I thought the Mocha Java was fairly decent.

      I ended up running out of beans after completely forgetting to place an online order somewhere, so picked up some beans at the supermarket which I ordinarily wouldn't do. The freshest at my local supermarkets, by a long shot, were the Karajoz Organic Beans. Think I paid about $25 for 750g. They're genuinely very good - medium dark, choc and caramel flavour, decent crema.

      These are my roasteries to try next:
      Devil's Cup in Patea
      Kawatiri Coffee in Westport
      Lucky's Coffee in Wellington

  • What do you guys think of Ozone?

    Had some in a cafe and enjoyed it. Will order some this week.

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    Raglan roast hitting theark for us at present $40/kg hits the sweet spot between price/taste/accessibility (Wellington CBD)

    • Same here.

      Subscription delivery every three weeks. We got over 60 cups of coffee from the last bag ☕️

      • Recommendations for blend? I haven’t encountered raglan roast before, so thought I’d give it a try. I drink black coffee, wife drinks flat whites. Cheers

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          Haven't been too adventurous uet, we're just on brown lightning for flat whites.

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          I agree with airbourne20. Start with Brown Lightning and go from there.

  • Thought I'd give a plug for people's coffee here. I tried a couple of their roasts when I was in Wellington last and really enjoyed them. Small roaster based in Newtown.

    I've tried the Don Wilfredo and Honduras Natural.

    I've just ordered a selection of their beans from their website. Looks like it's free shipping for orders over $30 and I signed up to their mailer for 20% off your first order with code NEWCREW20

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    I picked up a 1kg bag of dark roast beans from The Warehouse the other day. Absolutely blown away by the taste, given the low price of $20. It's a rich, bold roast with notes of hazelnut and dark chocolate. Small batch roasted in Wellington - not sure where (not printed on the bag) but my guess is Havana. I would highly recommend giving them a try - the tricky part will be finding a fresh enough bag on the shelf! Well worth trying your luck.

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      We’ve switched to this too. Decent for $20/kg. Canceled my Raglan Roast $40 subscription.

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      Yep, right there with you TDM. These beans are pretty good, grind nicely and get a decent creama. I'm no coffee pro, but these are my current go to.

  • I tracked down Pirate Nations raw product suppliers some months ago after they closed and started roasting it myself, we sell retail espresso and our feedback has been pretty good.

    Happy to drop a forum specific promo code for you guys on my website www.thebrewroastery.co.nz to get a good price but you'll have to message me or anyone can see it!

    We are in the South Island FYI.

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