This was posted 6 months 30 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Spin & Win Free Fuel Credit ($2, $5, $10, $20) @ Waitomo Fuel


Spin for Moolah is back for Halloween.

Enter your mobile number for a chance of up to $20 to spend at Waitomo

When you login for the first time now you will be sent a One Time Code to your mobile number for verification. You do not need to verify the number again unless you log out of the app or login on a different device.

  • Go to Waitomo.
  • Pick a lane and open the app. Make sure data and location services are on.
  • Click ‘pay from your vehicle’.
  • Select pump no. & fuel type.
  • Choose amount you'd like to spend - either preset amount, 'Fill', or 'Set' to choose your own amount (between $10 and $300)
  • Add a payment card or choose 'Just use my Moolah' if you already have some on the account
  • Fill your vehicle.

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  • +3

    Says the credit expires 15 Nov 2022 so can’t really stockpile this one.

    • +1

      That's unfortunate - now makes this promotion effectively with no benefit for me.

    • Where did you see the expiry?

      • My $2 doesn't have an expiry date. My friend just recently signed up and got a text saying $2 expires on 15 November. Maybe it's a new thing waitomo do to prevent people keep using new sim card to spin?

        • Not sure.
          My text didn't have an expiry either so seems strange that some do and some don't.

      • Saw in the texts of all my $2 ones. Not sure if it expires for the other amounts

  • +3

    $2 on each of our existing numbers.

    • +2

      $2 here too on existing number

  • +1

    Bit lack luster this time: 2x5 18x2 all existing accounts

  • Thanks OP

  • 3 x $2 on existing numbers

  • 4 x $2

  • $2 x 17
    $5 x 2

    • +2

      You are a true cheapie

      • haha AND got the sims with $5 off coupon from the warehouse ($5 off $5.01) earlier this year

        (6 sims for $1)

  • Looks like most people are getting $2

  • 2 x $2

  • $2/acct.

  • Got $5 but haven't filled up at Waitomo in a while

  • 3 x $2

  • Back with a bang - $2

  • Thanks for posting. Got the usual $2 - I've never got more on this.

  • $2 for both app users in our house.

  • $2

  • $5 and only valid until 15 Nov 2022.

  • $2 for my wife and i

  • $2 for all existing numbers
    $5 for new one valid till 15/11

  • $2 on existing sim, $5 on new sim.
    Looking at their price near me, it's not particularly worth it tbh.

  • $2

  • -1

    Any know a way to have multiple accounts loaded on one phone?

    • No.
      Each time you change an account you need to verify the mobile number with a One Time Code.
      Effectively, the SIM needs to be in the phone.
      Dual Sim would enable two accounts but you would still need to log in/out.

    • I use dual apps + dual space on miui phone for 4 accounts loaded on 1 phone
      When I've filled up in the past did 2 accounts per fill up though since you need to make 2 transactions and even that feels weird enough hahaha

      • How good is dual space? Based on the reviews it seems its just adware.

        Edit: Is it just Dual Space or Dual Space Pro. The Pro's description says you can have the same app multiple times.

        • Both mine are a part of MIUI (Xiaomi operating system) don't know if similar is available via app (would assume you would need root?) But the MIUI version is great

    • Most modern Android should allow up to 3 extra accounts along with a guest account (and your main account/owner) at the OS/phone level for a total of 5 user accounts. Apps on each account are separate and don't share any user data at the phone level. (Obviously if you login on the app or you use some sort of backup/restore tool it might be shared.) You will likely need to login on the Play Store on each account to install the app, the program files are shared but need to be installed. You can use the same Google account to sign in if you wanted to. You will need to receive the SMS somehow whether on the same phone or a different phone. Note that it's possible the other accounts especially the guest account won't have access to SMS and while you could try switching back to the main account/owner this may kill the login session i.e. you might need to use a different phone.

  • $2 on existing number, $10 and $5 on new

  • 3x $2

  • Got 3 lots of $2 on existing accounts

  • Did anyone actually get any more than $5 this time?

  • Lots of $2

  • Miss the days when you could keep spinning until you won a prize you liked.

    • Me too. I think they learned pretty quickly after they were cheapied

    • +3

      The $100 wins were before my time on Cheapies. Wish I knew about it then!
      I liked the times when you didn’t even need to spin to get a prize - The Cheapie hero @Toeler

      • 😄 and people begging for $20 links

      • Oh yea, that was pretty amazing. Some awesome winnings

  • Can anyone confirm if there is any expiry? I can't see anything about expiry but people have quoted November 15?

    • The Nov 15 expiry seems to be new signups or accounts not used in a while from what I can tell.
      My regular mobile number has no expiry on the confirnation txt and neither does my wife’s. Both numbers have used Waitomo a lot.
      A new account I signed up for my parents has the expiry.

  • only $2

  • I did one of these promos many moons ago and won $5. Got an email yesterday saying Kia ora Fatty, you've got $45 Moolah waiting! So installed the app and there ya go $45 in my account.
    So with this can you only get fuel or is there a convenience store part where a chub like me can load up on pies? I ask because I do not have a car :)

    • +1

      No pies - just fuel.

      • Bummer. I like bigcheese in my pie. I have a good mate that drives me round places like a loyal puppy, see if I can get this fuel for him.

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