Paknsave Online Vs Shelf/Checkout Price


Just want to bring up that my local paknsave had their prices wrong on shelf vs their website (using the correct location)
Scanned at checkout at the wrong price as well.
I was bulk buying so would have meant an extra $25 on my shopping bill.

They corrected at checkout but something to be wary of. Items were catfood and shower cleaning spray.


  • Our local Pak n Save won't honor their online prices instore. Ridiculous.

    • Bit sad, fortunately mine does. All they wanted to check was that their store is selected.
      I was fully prepared for them to not honour but i wouldnt buy them at the inflated price.
      I was gutted they dont have the same deal as countdown where u get the items and your money back 😀

  • Most grocery shops are like this at the moment. the prices are going up yet theres no proper system in place for the old tickets to get swapped out. Most of the time, if you prove to them that the old ticket is still there they should fix that for you

  • That's going to make comparing prices trickier, I wonder if that's intentional.

  • Sounds shady to me, how can they get away with this - going to the checkout is a bit like trick or treat.

    • Perfectly legal if you consider the actual way that the transaction occurs. Everything is scanned, and then they make you an offer for the entire trolley load (whether one item or hundreds), based on the total figure showing, and you either accept or decline their offer.

      You aren't entering into multiple separate contracts with the supermarket each time.

      • I think an added winkle here is the online shopping prices are not advertised as being the same as in store prices. They're just the prices you pay if you use their online shopping. Their FAQ even notes this "While we endeavour for our online prices to match in-store prices, they may not always be the same.".

        In other words unlike with Countdown or The Warehouse, their online shopping portal is just for online shopping. I don't think stores are required to have prices listed online, nor are they required to have instore prices match online sale ones so generally what they're doing is probably okay.

        It would be a problem if prices on their deal page or that are plastered in store or around the store do not match what you scan at checkout. Yes they are allowed to make errors and don't have to honour the price if it's a genuine error. But these have to be rare and also they need to fix them when alerted i.e. they cannot just leave the error in place, they either need to remove the incorrect sign or modify the price to match it. The last thing is IMO something some stores are slack at doing.

        • I'm sure you are right - slackers!

          • @Alan6984: This was maybe 8 years ago, but there was one time at Pak'n'Save Lincoln Road where the Moondarra Flavoured cheese was 10c more when scanned than on the price label for maybe four weeks or more. I got them to refund me the 10c every time, but it showed how slack they were at correcting it. I think they've improved slightly since then although different purchases habits means I don't shop so much there so haven't had any major problems in a while, maybe they're also better. Still the one or two times I had a query at Westgate they seemed to be far more interested in properly correcting it than Lincoln Road ever does.

            • @Nil Einne: Different stores, different owners, different attitudes I guess.

  • +1

    I had the same thing happen. The person got their supervisor to come over who said it didn't matter what the website said as it was the previous days deal. Due to their lack of communication with the checkout supervisor person they changed the price and I got the online price.

    I agree with @kiwiicheapies lots of prices and tickets not getting updated recently.

  • Do any PaknSave stores use electronic shelf labels?
    I know a lot of the New World stores use them.
    There should be no excuse with stores that have this technology.

    • +1

      Yeah… theory.

      In store prices are manually changed by the price integrity person in store. They can only do what the instructions from H/O say…..My Wife does ' price integrity ' at a supermarket. Ask her how many times Head Office have been slack arses and not sent through the correct price changes……

  • From an email from consumer:
    Have you seen any dodgy-looking specials while doing your grocery shopping?

    Whether it's an 'everyday low price' or 'super saver', we need your help to call out misleading supermarket pricing. The Commerce Commission recommended supermarkets take responsibility to ensure their pricing and promotional practices are simple and easy to understand. But we’re not convinced they will.

    Send us your photos of dodgy specials and help hold the supermarkets to account.
    Send us your examples of dodgy specials.
    We need your help to call out misleading pricing. Whether it's an 'everyday low price' or 'super saver', we need you to send us examples of unclear or misleading pricing and promotional practices, so we can hold the supermarkets to account.

    Send your photos to [email protected].

    • Thanks, i will take a picture next time i notice this

    • Pretty sure Pak'n'save are mostly abandoning everyday low price due to this. They now use plain white labels instead of the old yellow everyday low price ones

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