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[PC, PS4, PS5, XB1, XSX] Free to Play - The Sims 4 Base Game @ Steam, Origin, Xbox Store, PlayStation Store


The Sims 4 base game is now permanently free.

If you don’t know what the sims is, your in for a treat. It’s a simple game where you simulate real life, designing it how you actually want it to be. Build your dream home, choose your dream partner, and create an accomplished life in a matter of days.

Pro tip - you can often find DLC/add ons at special prices online, or quite often in the the game section of cash converters. Just add your product key to steam and it’ll be added to your collection.


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  • How does a second hand DLC code from cash converters etc work? I thought the codes were single use?

    About time they released the base game for free, they have well over $1000 of DLC options available lol

  • More discussion about this here:

  • All DLCs will cost you around $1100+ apparently.

    • +1

      currently most DLC is on sale, so according to my steam it will only set you back $903.12 for all 59 DLCs

  • Can you multiplayer this (or any other games) between Xbox and PC?

    • No you cant unfortunately

  • thanks fort posting my friend missed this last time it was free on pc

  • ive always been a cities skyline guy but thank you for sharing the info!

  • Is this actually available for PS5 (as per the deal title), or just PS4?

    When I login to Sony, I only see a PS4 option, but maybe I am doing something wrong?

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