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$15 e-Voucher for any Unclaimed e-Stamps (Onecard Wiltshire Promotion, Required No. of Stamps Varies) @ Countdown via Live Chat


**Admin please delete if this is not the right place to post. And I'm not sure about the expired date sorry!

Found on a Facebook group that Countdown is crediting your Onecard account with $15 voucher if you have any unclaimed E-stamps due to the lack of cutlery sets.

I have contacted the live chat personally and got my $15 voucher (I think we have over 30 stamps). According to the Facebook page looks you may contact them by email or phone as well, but it's a hit and miss depending which CS you get, some got replies and said it's in the T&Cs that the e-stamps can not be converted to a voucher.

Sorry not sure about the cut off date for this, best to contact Countdown asap, and not sure whether there is a minimum number of stamps in order to be eligible for this.

Good luck!

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  • Can you provide a link to the post or the name of the group?

  • Cheapie got $45 for 39 e-stamps back in September.

    • OK looks like you can get more than $15 then..

      • Not necessarily in one account 😁

    • That was only because i laid a complaint and mentioned the keyword "scam"

  • +1

    Just got a $15 e-voucher applied to my account. I asked if that was the standard amount they had been advised to provide if requested, and I got their “end of conversation” copy & paste reply, then they ended the chat!

    Still, $15 is better than a whack of a stick. Thanks OP!

    • Nice. How many e-stamps did you have?

  • 21

  • +1

    Also worth transferring stamps between cards within your family to try and get more than one voucher. We had 56 stamps on my wife's card and hadn't managed to get the items we wanted. Transferred 20 to my card and both requested the voucher and both got it.

    • I have two cards but they are linked to the same account. Were your cards on two separate accounts or the same account please?

      • Two separate accounts. Not sure how transferring works if on the same account sorry.

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    How can I check how many stamps I have received? I can't see it in my countdown account.

  • Have just done this 5 mins ago and got $15.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I got $15 credit. Initially she said no but I said my friend had received it. I feel this is fair as I do spend a lot of money there and am loyal to their brand.

  • I think we've missed the boat, as the promotion to redeem these finished yesterday, so there's no record of the stamps in my account anymore

    • Was able to view it 30 mins ago and got $15

  • No luck.

    • +1

      Used the word scam, as mentioned by foodie above lol.

      For the inconvenience caused, I have loaded 2000 points to your Onecard account giving you a $15.00 e-voucher.

      • I mentioned the word scam and the live chat person just disconnected.

        • Try over the phone

  • Success for me. Chatted to Geneva who transferred me to a Onecard agent who credited me $15 for my 24 unused stamps. Thanks OP!

  • Bugger, I gave mine to someone else because they ran out of stock…. had I known this I would have kept them and claimed the voucher instead

  • I did this last week with my 44 stamps and got the generic answer that the T&Cs say "while stocks last". I had to argue with them that this was not fair and stock ran out before the promotion even ended. They eventually gave me a $15 voucher.

  • We exchanged our stamps for something earlier so only have 7 left, is there any likelihood of swapping those for $$?

    • Only way to know is to give it a go

    • I gave all my estamps away as I couldn't get what I wanted. Just talked to Tyra, she still gave me 418 points to make my balance 2000 points and I got a $15 voucher now. Worth a try but it took so long to get through online chat. Good luck.

  • Thanks for sharing this, this is absolutely the place to put it cos it's a big deal for me!!!!

  • Thanks OP! Got $15 voucher. Chat was a long wait to get through

  • I just did the chat thing and got $15 credit, thanks

  • I couldn't get it as I had only 2 points on my card, anyone short of a few stamps can have mine.

  • I ended up emailing and got a clearly automated response alongside an offer of $15 credit, thanks.

  • I can't seem to view my balance, says "This programme has ended. Thank you for collecting with us."

    I'm guessing it's over now?

    • weird, same for me, but 15 minutes ago I was able to see my balance

  • Just got $15 voucher through live chat then and got told the following:

    "We are currently offering a $15 voucher as a one-off compensation to customers with 20 estamps or more, where they have been unable to redeem their estamps as the Wiltshire cutlery is sold out"

    • Do you think this will be applied automatically, or will we need to ask?

  • Sweet thanks just scored the voucher

  • Just got back a successful response from my email sent earlier this morning. Yay (I had about 35 points)

  • just spent 15 mins on chat and received my $15 voucher, thanks for posting

    • $60 an hour tax free 😀

  • +1

    Anyone with 19 stamps and under manage to get it? If not, will update the title.

  • Thanks for posting OP.

    They said they will load the $15 voucher and it will show up within 12-24 hours, are people seeing the voucher instantly, or need to wait?
    Nevermind, took about 5-10 mins to show up

    • They can see your stamps on the backend still, so give it a try!

  • I called them on Thursday to complain as earned 60 something stamps (and got transferred 40 too) that I could never use. The lady wasn’t going to give me anything and said all she could do was apologize until I suggested some sort of conversation to points and they have me 2000 for the $15 voucher. Now I feel jibbed haha

    • "At the moment, we have been specifically instructed to add x1 $15 eVoucher regardless of how many eStamps are available on the card"

      What I was told to see if there is a corelation between amount of stamps and value of voucher. Yeah I kinda feel robbed as well.

  • +1

    I got a $15 voucher for 24 stamps, took 3 mins to get through live chat via the app

  • +2

    Thanks. I got my $15 while my estamps were under 20 so give it a go if you are somewhere between 15-19 points.

  • +1

    Did the same "live chat via app", if you get lost in the Chat auto-responses say "can I talk to a person" and that should bounce you out and put you in the que to "connect with a person". I had heaps of stamps but suppose $15 is better than nothing.

  • Just got given the voucher without Live chat even checking the number of estamps I had so definitely worth a try

  • Thanks! I got told no "Promotion" had ended. I told them we had 60 odd stamps, and due to your poor planning of how much you gave away versus promotional products supplied, he gave me $15. I said is that all, I spent a lot of money to get the stamps (didn't say that we did a lot of the $1 chocolate bars = 1 stamp) and hes given $30 :P

  • +1

    My chat went something like this:

    Me: I have stamps left but can't claim any sets :(
    Them: We apologize for that, we tried our best to stock the right amount. Anything else I can help you with?
    Me: Just a generic sorry? I shopped at countdown over new world to collect these stamps and now you're telling me they're OOS?
    Them: Yeah, super sorry about that. Anything else I can help you with?
    Me: What about others who received compensation? Why am I only receiving a worthless apology?
    Them: Social media is spreading false information and we're working hard to take that down. But we can offer you a $15 voucher for your time.
    Me: Tight

    FWIW - I had 19 stamps
    I guess the moral is to just be a little insistent?

  • +2

    I just said this
    "I was told by a staff member at the store that because i cannot get any of the cutlery due to there being no stock anywhere that i can get a e-voucher as a replacement" - (This may or may not be a fabricated conversation at the store :P )
    1st person said "That is correct. I will need to transfer you to another representative for further assistance as I am not Onecard trained. Is that okay?"
    Got another person and they gave me a voucher which showed up in less than 1 min on my acc

    Cheers Peeps

    Another question though, with the one card points is there anyway to see expiry because every time i get more i feel like more disappear and i can see details of how much and when

    • Tried this, and they check my onecard number.

      " YOu only have 2 estamps. YOu will eligible for a cutlery when you have atleast 15 estamps.I am sorry I wont be able to add any voucher"

      • lol I think 15 was thier lowest e-stamp item so you'd need 15 at least

        • Meh, gave it a try, good if I get it, all good if I don't considering I never really shop for this promotion (unlike the bricks), it's all good.

  • Used the online chat this morning and was told "stamp redemptions ended at midnight last night" but when I pushed, they agreed to swap my 43 stamps for a $15 voucher. Better than some crappy knives and forks any day!!

  • Bugger, I got this response:

    "I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, the information about e-stamps to one card points is incorrect and I do apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. The Stamps was a promotion that started in July and as per our terms and conditions for the promotion, it was While Stocks Last. Unfortunately, we will not be replacing unredeemed stamps with vouchers. While you were collecting stamps, you were still collecting Onecard points as per usual. I do apologise again for the inconvenience. Should you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team"

    It was worth a try!

  • I just got one for nine stamps.
    Went on chat, said "Would you exchange my cutlery stamps for an evoucher please?"
    Got told they don't do that but what's my one card number, gave it, long pause, got voucher. Good luck!

  • Did anyone get this?
    "Many apologies, but we are no longer offering the $15 e-voucher. The stamps will be held on your account for our next promotion."


  • +1

    I was on online chat with Dawn and had the 'we are aware of chat on social media that we are giving money blah, blah, blah, but this is not the case.' then just disconnected. I tried again a minute later and got Tyra and she gave me the voucher - I reckon just keep trying. Thanks for the post, I would never have known to try this otherwise!

    • What was the conversation like ?

  • I can't see any stamps here -

    Where does it display your stamps?

    Thank you for collecting with us
    The Wiltshire Cutlery programme has ended. Thank you for making mealtimes special with us.


      They can see your stamps on the backend still, so give it a try!

      • trying.

        • I was trying to redeem all the estamps i collected from shopping
          but when i tried everything was not available and couldn't use any

          • @kiwijunglist: Hi Mike, the promo was while stocks last and yesterday was the last day to redeem and transfer

            • +1

              @kiwijunglist: Yes i tried yesterday, everything was not available.

              I don't think that it is fair that you have a promotion where if you shop at countdown as opposed to somewhere else you get a promo, but then you don't deliver on the promo.

              • @kiwijunglist: The store fulfilling your order may have run out of stock, please keep in mind that the promo was "while stocks last as stated on our website.

                • @kiwijunglist: Is there an alternative compensation like a voucher?

                  • @kiwijunglist: Mike, unfortunately, there is no compensation

                    If you get someone called Sikipio - you should skip them and try a different person.

  • Does everyone else have to enter a name/email/phone number just to speak to a live rep?

    • yup

      • don't use a service rep called "sikipio" to get voucher.

  • Best way to initiate conversation ?

    • +1

      I just said "Hi, I was not able to redeem my stamps for the cutlery sets, and I had a lot of them, quite disappointed."

      She replied "What I can do is look into this for you, what is your OneCard number?"

      And "I have added $15 e-voucher as a one-off, give it 20 minutes before you can redeem it"

      • I'm trying this line now as well with someone called "Vika"

        • She refused to give me a voucher. Good luck

      • Thanks I got mine. Took 5 attempts

  • Just got my $15 e-voucher :)

  • Called the Countdown helpline on 0800 404 040 and got the $15 voucher :-)
    Just told them that we tried our best to redeem in many stores and had no luck anywhere. Seems only fair that they do something like this.

  • Got told by 2 live reps to basically bugger off even though I had over 45 stamps.

    • Lots of comments reporting success still, keep trying with another operator or give the helpline a call

      • Tried for the 3rd time and got told y'all are basically liars who claim you've received vouchers 🤣

        • Keep trying. I got on my 5th attempt

  • Straight through on the live chat just now. Asked for my card number and to confirm last name and phone number. $15 voucher added with no discussion or challenge from Countdown

  • Tried email and live chat, but got either 'misinformation spread on online forums' or 'This was a while stocks last promotion but for customers who were particularly frustrated during the campaign period, we wanted to make it right by offering a Onecard voucher as a goodwill gesture. As the campaign has now ended, we will no longer be offering these vouchers. I do apologise the inconvenience.'.


  • +1

    Declined by both "Vika" and "Sikipio"

    We understand it was frustrating not being able to redeem eStamps for cutlery sets as the stock was sold out or selling out fast in many of our stores as we near the end of the campaign. We do our best to estimate how many sets our customers may wish to collect, but this was an incredibly popular campaign. This was a while stocks last promotion but for customers who were particularly frustrated during the campaign period, we wanted to make it right by offering a Onecard voucher as a goodwill gesture. As the campaign has now ended, we will no longer be offering these vouchers. Thanks for your understanding.

  • Gone 5 attempts until i got through. Persistence is the key

    • who were u successful with?

  • Just tried live chat with "Adina". I had 60+ vouchers.

    I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, EStamps cannot be converted into cash or Onecard Rewards (such as e-vouchers), please view our terms and conditions for more info…. Our relevant team are in the process of notifying our store team regarding the misinformation of stamps being converted to vouchers. I do apologise for the inconvenience.

    Shame on Countdown for their lies.

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