Anywhere to get free nitrogen filled in car tyres?

With summer fast approaching (yeah right.. after today's snow).. is there anywhere we can get nitrogen filled in for free? (cheapies way all the way)

I know many tyre shop can do it if you pay per tyre but any free ones?

Also, does it really help in anyway e.g. less fuel consumption, better tyre life or better grip on road.. I mean any real benefit at all as compared to standard compressed air?



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    Fill it with air for free from your local service station. 78% of what goes in will be nitrogen, I guarantee.

    • Sadly that will go over the heads of most people - good comment though!

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    It’s a bit of a marketing gimmick

    They try and say nitrogen is more stable at higher temperatures. You won’t notice any difference

    • Thanks, I was wondering too.. Definitely not keen on paying anything for this

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    Several years ago the Wellington Free Ambulance investigated Nitrogen filled tyres for their claimed benefits as you mentioned in your post.

    Suffice to say it was scrapped and they returned to air filled tyres as it made zero difference.

    • good to know :), I guess I have my answers :P

  • Complete waste of money. For better grip you'd be better off buying decent tyres

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