[RESOLVED THANK YOU] Need comfortable shoes

Hey fellas,
I need some comfortable shoes for work (standing / walking for 8hrs, about 20k steps)

Must be black shoes

feet are getting really sore so don't honestly mind spending a little extra to solve the issue

please leave reccomendations of shoes (or shoe brands) which have really comfortable shoes

cheers fellas got some skechers and they're perfect :)


  • Doc Martens … did quite a few years working in a couple of casino's overseas, lots of walking and static work, on marble foors.
    They were the best shoes I have ever owned and used.

  • I love Ultraboost’s. Usually you can get them in an all black variant

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    Permanent Fix : Check out some Skechers shoes
    Temporary quick fix : Gel Activ Men Sport Insoles (Need to change insoles quite often once it loses its elasticity)

    • My Skechers broke down pretty quickly, not worth the full price.

    • yeah on my first day i made the mistake of wearing cheap hannahs (my school shoes) to work. after the horrible pain in my feet i found out that theres no cushioning at all. i did get some gel insoles but just didnt suffice. then found my old new balance shoes but since ive picked up more shifts during the holidays, my feet are getting horribly sore. asked if i could wear some comfy shoes today and buy some sketchers tonight

  • Sketchers for the win.

    Allbirds possibly?

    • i forgot about sketchers. its been forever since ive shopped there. ill make sure to check them out. Not familiar with allbirds though

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      Unfortunately not Allbirds. I'm wearing a pair now (currently my forth pair) and as comfortable as they are I don't think they would suit what's required for this situation.

  • Definitely Skechers all the way! I work an 8-9 hour day - standing all day! Have never had sore feet again since switching to Skechers years ago! Otherwise I would come home with sore feet everyday! We are only allowed black as well. They do a huge range in black. Memory foam insoles are really comfortable! I bought a couple of pairs a few weeks ago through Onceit for my husband and I - they were $50 each (not including $20 for $10 vouchers which made them even cheaper!)

  • Shoes are extremely important especially in the long run. I suggest getting your feet assessed for a more personalised fit as possible. If seeing a podiatrist seems a bit much perhaps give Athlete's Foot a go? They have a treadmill that examine's the way you walk etc which they find the most suitable shoes for you accordingly. Also, the arch of the feet is a significant factor when choosing the right shoes, as inappropriate arch support can tire your feet faster.
    I just checked and AF have a 30-day guarantee so you can take the shoes that they suggested back if they're not satisfactory for a re-fitting :)
    Hope that helps as I know sore feet at the end of the day is a pain.

  • Hush Puppies. Some models have extra cushioning in the heel for the standing. I walk a lot (teacher) and wear through a pair of shoes every year. Comfortable until the end. They do specials a couple times a year and also available in Hannahs if you're after particular models.

  • I exclusively buy Ecco shoes for work and casual wear. Extremely comfortable and long lasting. I have been wearing the 'Ecco Helsinki' shoe right through high school, university and at work. The first two pairs lasted 7 years each, with 5 days a week of use. I'm now a couple years into my third pair.

    Locally the majority of their shoes are around $300 a pair, but they're a lot cheaper on Amazon AU (where I've been buying them from over the last couple years) - I picked up a pair of Helsinki's for $100, and a pair of Soft 7 M's for $130. Would recommend trying them out in-store, finding the right size and then buying from Amazon if theyre up your alley!

  • Let me introduce you to new balance 624 which are available in anz i got mine from bush in mall clerance sports shop , they have 7xx to 9xx etc which are made in uk , usa , Indonesia etc

    They are also called dad's shoes 👟 they are in black white grey brown etc very strong as they are all leather top and comfortable. As they are made for runners 30 years ago

    I use mine for running lawn moving and zumba they are running shoes they have excellent grip compared to any other especially compared to skechers they have a few who have excellent grip as well but not as many as nb .

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