Domino's Website Coupons Not Working?

I've been trying to use the dominos's pizza coupons from couponese on a variety of south, and east Auckland branches and all of them give me an error that the store is not accepting the coupons provided. I then checked dominos outside of Auckland, and they seem to be working. Its been like this for me for around two months now. Does anyone else have this problem or know any coupons that work in Auckland branches?

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    I had the same problem at the cashmere store in Christchurch two weeks ago.

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    I had the same problem in Auckland. We use either Howick or Golflands and neither accepted codes so for the first time last week we went to Pizza Hut. I'll be going there until Domino's works again.

  • Same thing in Dunedin last night.

  • I had the same problem with New Brighton store in Christchurch. None worked at all, tried one coffee with Shirley and worked straight away. So no idea what's going on there..

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    Yup. Codes here not worked on local store for about 2 months.

    Which is a bit rough given they've also stopped sending out fliers here it seems. (Cost overhead cut backs?)

    So you are stuck with inflated in-app ones, or discounts app. Which coincidentally can vary in price between branches

    3+2 deal was $3 more at local than the one I was going to.

  • With the prices being that high, its much wiser to spend that much on alternative pizza stores like pizza club which give you a greater value and quality pizza.

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