This was posted 1 year 2 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Google Chromecast with Google TV (HD) $64 @ Warehouse Stationery


I could have missed this price drop, but Warehouse Stationery along with The Warehouse, Noel Leeming, The Market, Heathcotes and maybe others, have dropped their Chromecast with TV remote down to $69.

Warehouse Stationery have an online promotion at the moment where you get $5 off for every $50 spent, bringing it down to $64. This is applied automatically in the cart.

Heathcotes appear to have it priced at $67 so you may be able price beat somewhere if it's worth a few extra bucks to you, but I imagine you'd have to do this in-store.

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    Please note it is not the 4k version.

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      Ah yep, that'll do it. Didn't even register it wasn't the 4k version

    • Hanging out for the 4k!

    • Do some (cheaper?) 4k TVs not have smart TV features built in? The only use case I have for these devices is with 1080p TVs that don't have smart features

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        I set mine up at home, then take it with me travelling. I bought the OEM ethernet power brick, and it works in almost every hotel room. You can even map the remote to the TV!

        Lots of people use separate devices for smart TV functionality. I use a 2021 LG OLED, but still use an Apple TV for noticeably better picture quality, tone mapping, and performance. I use a Shield on the same TV because it has native support for VPNs.

        Other TVs are smart when they come out, but lose support. If you had an early high-end 4K TV, it’s likely the apps won’t still be being updated.

        • Where did you get the OEM ethernet power brick from? I have a google tv that I use for this purpose always and it is always hit and miss with wifi cause of hotel wifi having various weird logins! Would love an ethernet adapter

      • Smart TV's are ok but it ones a couple of years old now and not great. The Disney+ app on it suffers from video slowing then catching up quite a lot and we just find it easy to cast for YouTube than use the UI. We have a Chromecast ultra for these apps and any others we might need. We also run an Amazon for stick for uk streaming apps using a VPN and I also use that for F1 tv as it doesn't have a native app on lgs web os platform. Tempted by a 4K one of these of it can cover off both UK and NZ apps on a single device to save bou xing between them.

        • It works perfectly for that! The latest update lets you easily switch between multiple Google accounts, so you can download and automatically update apps from multiple stores.

          I've used it with NordVPN and ExpressVPN. The latter worked perfectly for sideloaded UK and Aussie apps.

          • @Alex: Are the big UK apps actually available now, lasttome I looked on a smartvu puck I could only find itv, tmits the main reason we went with the fire stick as it actually has all of the apps in their store.

            Does the vpn Also work for casting? So I could log it in then cast grommy phone also on a VPN? That could sidestep the app issue easily if it works.

      • I've purchased Chromecast for my tv even though it has smart features. I found it a lot easier than the native smart features. Also with Chromecast I've set a custom ambient slideshow of photos I've taken, and then you can create a speaker group with the Chromecast being the speaker, so I can play music through the tv while my photos appear. My dinky old Phillips tv can't do that with it's smart features.

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        It's better to buy a dumb TV and change the streaming device every few years, than to have a smart TV which the manufacturer stops updating after a few years (or even months). The smart TV features are often baked in to the TV's firmware and you won't be able to get rid of them when they become obsolete, whereas a dumb TV never had those features to begin with, so all you need to do is to boot to one of the HDMI inputs.

        Also this streaming device is made by Google, and Google knows Android TV better than the manufacturers with regards to delivering content.

        • FWIW - I completely agree with this.


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          I totally agree with this. But I don't see any big manufacturer like Sony, LG, Samsung make premium dumb TV. I could be wrong but I haven't seen any.

        • I was looking at an android TV not that long ago and the salesman had great delight in telling me that the Android OS was guaranteed for five years. I pleaded ignorance and said, does that mean the TV will only work for five years? He didn't have a lot to say after that other than I might have to buy a Chromecast. But anyway I have Google TV on all my smart televisions as it works way better than the factory installed Android OS. At least android OS has standardise most brands now and you're not getting manufacturers own implementation of Apps with a lifespan of 2 to 3 years.

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    Use the promo code WELCOME10
    Takes another 10% ($6.90) off, down to $57.10.
    You can get this delivered too for no extra charge.

    Note: The $5 off $50 promotion ends on the 2/10/22

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    Apparently you can load a vpn directly onto these devices, so could be a good option to keep services on vpn separate from the main smart tv/other media device.

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      Yeah this was the main selling point for me and it works really well for accessing different Netflix regions and the UK TV apps. I like that you can connect Bluetooth headphones to it too

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    It's not a price drop as OP said it's a different product that's newly released last month :) but nevertheless thank you OP for posting so I know it's available in NZ now!

  • this is a steal at this price! i would have jumped on this deal if i already didnt have one. i've been tracking the price ages ago and the usual price for these is around $100+

    has heaps of apps available at the app store or can sideload country-specific apps. one of the downsides is how little storage it has though this can be solved by buying usb c hubs to connect up more storage.

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      Think you might be thinking of the 4K version.

      This HD version came out a week or two ago.

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        ah yes you're right! i didnt even know a new one was released.

        just had a quick google now. looks like the main difference is just that it's limited to 1080p

        still a good price considering that older gen chromecasts are being sold on trademe just a bit lower than $60

        • Yep Cheapies. At just $57 NZD at WH Stationary with maximum discounts applied, the pricing on this latest HD version is very good. Given our NZD is at a 14 year or so low of 50 cents against the USD , comparing it in USD it's just about $25 USD, a fair bit less than if you where to purchase overseas and pay our high USD exchange rate, shipping, NZ GST etc. I just grabbed one at WH Stationary online to use with the old small Sony FHD TV in my bedroom. :)

  • Just so everyone knows this one has a bit slower processor compared to 4k version. Not sure how well it will handle 4k video downgrade to hd.

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