Glass or Stainless Steel Electric Kettle?

Hi everyone, I'm of two minds whether to get a glass kettle or stainless steel one. What is your experience, and any recommendations or anti-recommendations please? Budget around $100.



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    I recommend the Smart Ape Smart Kettle 1.7L. I have had the Kogan branded version of the same kettle for about 2 years now, used about 5 times a day, and has never skipped a beat. Get some liquid descaler to keep the insides looking brand new.

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      I second that.
      Bought after you recommended it with this comment six months ago.
      Works great and the kids like nothing better than saying "Alexa, kettle on" and then watching it light up and start boiling!
      Can set it to go on a schedule too so it's ready when you get up in the morning (boil dry protection so won't burn out if there is no water in it).

      First time I've had a glass kettle and I like it.

    • Cool, thanks. I didn't know there was such a thing called smart kettle. Is the current price a good price? Is it still good value if we don't need the "smart" function?

    • My Smart Ape kettle arrived this morning based on your review.

      Does your one have an annoying coil whine (from the internal electronics) when it's on standby or operating?
      When I first place it onto the base and it 'turns on' and the screen flashes, I can hear the whine in time with the screen flashing.
      Just wondering if this is the norm? I hope not as it's a tad annoying haha

      • Oh damn, that is something I have not experienced on my kettle. I can appreciate how annoying that must be!
        Sorry no solutions other than contacting Mighty Ape and seeing what they can do.

        • I've contacted Mighty Ape about it, I wasn't expecting it to be normal, but thought i'd ask you just in case!
          Thanks :)

  • Stainless, because I don't want any risk of the thing cracking or shattering, and glass tends to need more glue for its components, which increases the opportunity for failure

    • Thanks. I was wondering about this. We had a glass blender which cracked after a few years so we had to go back to a plastic blender.

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    I bought this kettle for $58 in Dec 2020 and it's awesome ($64 now with $5 welcome voucher) - it also comes in Stainless Steel but I prefer the black - water spots aren't as noticable vs. stainless in my opinion. Just a good quality, nice looking and reasonably quiet jug.

    • Is it hot to touch?

      • Yes - aren't most kettles? Decent thick handle though

        • Yes but it makes the double wall feature more attractive.

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    I have Sheffield Cordless Kettle 1.7 litre Stainless Steel and happy with it. Have been using it since more than a year now. I think I bought from ASB showgrounds NL sale pre-covid for around $20~$30.

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    I got a kettle imported which I liked. Inside is a one piece stainless steel 304 or something. Most important is there are no joints or anything, just smooth metal. There is then an outside layer of plastic that looks nice in matte and insulates the inside so the outside is not hot to touch.

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    We have used alot of kettle but we like best the Xiaomi Kettle from Aliexpress.

    Because it is 100% Stainless steel that touches the water and steam, including the inside of the lid.

    We found other kettle with the plastic lid (inner) tends to smell of plastic after using for a while.

  • Thanks everyone for the feedback regarding your stainless steel kettles. I had wanted a visible water indicator but after reading your comments it seems such a feature is not a good thing in the end; all metal is better, is that correct? Also are there double walled stainless steel kettles available in NZ (not imported as Bill did)?

    • For the record, I just looked at the xiaomi kettles linked and my one looks pretty much identical in all aspects. I think mine is a better brand and I got it way cheaper than anything here. The kettles aren't really insulated, just an air gap I believe.

  • For an impatient one like me, glass kettle is better to see when my water is about to boil. 😜

    • We have this one, we laughed when some reviews had people completing the timer countdown but I do look at it from time to time.…

      I do like having a kettle with variable temperatures now we have it, we don't boil all the way to 100 anymore when making coffee.

      • How much did you pay for yours?

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          Honestly can't remember, I think it was over $100 and one of the few we could actually find. About a week later they started appearing everywhere I ckuding far cheaper options at Kmart and kogan.

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    Breville the Soft Top Dual Kettle is a reasonable one to consider..…

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    Go glass, you can see how much water you are boiling so you boil just enough which means it boils quicker and saves electricity. Also glass is thicker and cooler on the outside for hand touch safety.
    I got a Sheffield brand and it been great for a number of years.

    • I like the fact I can see exactly how much water is in the kettle with glass.

      At the end of the day though, they both boil the water!
      Go with whatever you feel more comfortable with.

    • All the stainless steel ones also have water level indicator of some sort. Agree, glass one is easier to look at. I feel stainless steel one much safer and not worrying to accidentally hitting it with something.

    • Actually, my NZ glass kettle is a Pursonic from the Warehouse which is going awesome

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    If you are anything like us, boiling like 5/6 kettles of water per day for the family.
    I would avoid having plastic in the "boiling" compartment.
    Imagine plastic being bought up to 100degC over and over again, over time the plastic will start to deteriorate and get into your water.
    We have gone through a lot of kettles due to this reason.

    We currently use:…
    Cheaper from Aliexpress if you can wait, which is 304 Stainless Steel including the lid.
    It does not have a water level indicator, but having this is also more plastic, can easily open the lid to check water level.

  • I think i have had 2 stainless xiaomi kettles (china domestic models- they have a plug that is compatible with nz outlets - just inverted, love them. brought the original in 2017 and replaced it last year, i brought the cheapest model this time without realizing that there were now multiple models.. next time i think i will be buying the next model up because it just looks to use a better design and better parts… there is or was a smart version but im not fussed on that. both kettles were shipped from hk via aliexpress for under $50 each.

    • Our first Xiaomi Kettle was a Smart one with Bluetooth and touch buttons.
      Unfortunately after a couple of years, the touch buttons starting to play up.
      We found the Bluetooth function to be quiet useless, unless you want to regulator water temperature for a duration of time.
      For us, we boil so the smart function is not much use for us.
      So the next one we just bought the cheaper non-smart version with a normal switch (hoping the switch would last longer)
      Agree they are good value for money!
      When this one breaks, our next one will be another Xiaomi.

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