Best Protein Powder Deals - Whey or Plant-Based

Hi all

I'm wondering if anybody has a great source for Protein Powder at a good price. I have used several brands in the past and I prefer to use brands that don't use plastic tubs, as the tubs are a right PITA to dispose of. So preference to bags or cardboard packaging that can be crushed down.

I'm not disposed to either Whey or Plant-Based, as long as the protein content is of a good amount.

Zealea and Clean Nutrition have been my go-to's in the past but they are about $45 for a 1kg bag, which seems expensive. But maybe that's the going rate?

However recently I looked at Chemist Warehouse and found the brand Protein World pouches for $25 per 1kg so that's pretty good.

Anybody else got any good deals from any of the main supplement stores like Sportsfuel, Supplements etc? I know that sometimes brands may offer a 2 for 1 deal or similar, but I haven't found anything current.



  • I’ve had good experiences with the smooth chocolate flavour by Myprotein it’s currently 30% off on the website which happens with the frequency of a Briscoes sale.

    • Did you have an issue with importing it?

      My friend and I shared the order to save on delivery and the delivery got held up with customs for importing more than 1kg of dairy product. Apologised and said there was no mention of this on the website, and then they released the order but now I'm scared to order again.

      • The limit is 5kgs, which is mentioned on the website before you make your purchase. It's annoying since it means you can't load up to cross $150 and access the free delivery

        • Correct, 5kg limit, but never had an issue with deliery accross the 15+ orders we've gone as a group at work
          You can get around this by ordering other non-dairy things at the same time. For example we normally put a smaller bag of non-dairy protein powder in our order to hit that $150 free delivery

          • @Tmurder91: I was on this website, seemed like a good deal but went with chemist warehouse Inc brand which apparently is good.. Much more reassurence it doesn't go through customs etc

        • I was on this website, seemed like a good deal but went with chemist warehouse Inc brand which apparently is good.. Much more reassurence it doesn't go through customs etc

          • @A-deals: Inc is fine, if a bit on the salty side. Just be careful when you pull the trigger because the price of the range can vary dramatically every sale cycle.

      • I was on this website, seemed like a good deal but went with chemist warehouse Inc brand which apparently is good.. Much more reassurence it doesn't go through customs etc

  • Myprotein, find 40% off codes easy enough

  • Optimum Nutrition has always been the standard. You pay for the quality.

    Torpedo7 has 20% off currently, not sure what prices are like elsewhere but it’s in store only, can’t purchase online

    • +1

      I find Optimum Nutrition tastes artificial, not a fan. I believe it's the artificial sweeteners because the issue was gone when I switched to Balance which uses natural sweeteners.

  • NZ Muscle and Xplosiv both have their own brands of protein which are affordable and pretty good

  • I tried go good, then my protein. My protein has a lots of different flavours but some of them taste quite artificial, otherwise price is pretty good. My PT friend recommends my protein.

  • It is the wild west out there a bit in terms of where these guys are sourcing their protein from. Cheap stuff is often terrible quality and/or false labelling or amino spiked.
    This is a good site to compare pricing of different NZ stores -

    Some of the best stuff I've had (that is from NZ dairy) are these guys - It is definitely not the cheapest however.

    As others have said, myprotein is good. Some of their flavours are god awful, however. I think there is a Reddit post somewhere that ranks flavours :)

  • Wheydeals (part of Xplosive supps) and nzprotein have good value whey and plant proteins.

    Both are NZ proteins not imported bulked out crap.

  • Any else tried Balance brand? I tried Vanilla 100% whey and it was nice.

    • +1

      The choc pineapple is incredible! I use it in protein puddings most evenings (berries / Greek Yoghurt / protein powder)

      • Nice one mate. What's your go to for Greek Yoghurt? Do you just blend these ingredients together?

        • Yo sorry I missed this! I use fresh n fruity Greek Yoghurt-thick and creamy

          Depending how many calories I'm after, I usually use 65g frozen berries (microwave them for about 50 seconds), then add 1 scoop of protein powder and 50g of Greek Yoghurt and stir for about 200kcal

          It's so good ❤️

  • The nothing naughty pea protein is good from the bargain chemist and is in a big jar (40servings per jar/1 25g scoop). Various flavours and unflavoured I think $46.99, the same brand has whey protein too in the jar but is $58.99kg.
    You can purchase refills online too for a wee bit cheaper with free shipping which is $45.95 for the pea protein
    I bit dearer but I feel like their good quality without all the nasties

    • +1

      Texture is pure sand, even mixed with a smoothie in a nutribullet the quality is lacking

  • +3

    I source mine from NZProtein ( Good value & quality, lots of flavour options (I go Vanilla). Free shipping too. They have samples to try different flavours etc.

    • Yes I love nzprotein it mixes so well, no lumps. Banana is my favorite. Just brought two 1kg bags from topdog nutrition for $75.52 free postage. They have 16 percent off atm.

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      nzprotein is the only whey! Banana is bloody good. My goto

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    NZ Muscle currently has 25% off sitewide for the next 6 hours (ends midnight) with the discount code ‘HANGOVER’. Could be a good time to stock up

  • +2

    1kg of Soy Protein Isolate for $25 with free shipping.…

    • This is supercheap!!!! Have just ordered! Will be interesting to see what it's like!

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