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Paris, France on Lufthansa from $1851 Return [Apr-June] @ Beat That Flight


Found that Lufthansa has some great prices on to Europe at the moment, is a 4-star full service airline, and these prices to Paris, France are just one example!

I've also found hotels there discounted up to 59% off at present

Hope it helps someone.

Auckland to Paris

Dates: 16 Apr 23 - 30 Jun 23

Cheapest: $1864 return

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Beat That Flight

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  • Hey @beatthatflight, out of curiosity, what are 4-star flights? Is that based on the service that they provide (kinda like a 4-star, 5-star hotel), or is it based on the guests' rating?

    • Kinda based on the service - eg do they have wifi, or food etc, the service, the cleanliness and so on. Skytrax is the most well known company that does this, and the link for Lufthansa: https://skytraxratings.com/airlines/lufthansa-rating - says 4 stars, based on their rating system - available here: https://skytraxratings.com/explaining-airline-star-rating-le…

      To get a 5 star: To achieve a top 5-Star rating, the staff service or product standards must be either meeting or setting global best practice for the item under evaluation. For product analysis this is a clear, tangible item, and for service assessment we look for all aspects of excellence support by true consistency. (It is not necessary for an airline to achieve 5-Star for every element of the rating criteria)

  • Thanks for this mate, very opportune timing!

    This might be a silly question, but do you actually act as a travel agent? I’d be keen to connect with you privately in regards to planning a trip if you are.


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      Thanks, sorry I don't - I just hunt out cheap flights and deals. I can automate a lot of my searches and have scripts and alerts all over the internet to help me spot these. However individual 'travel agent' duties just take too much of my time and doesn't yield the same results for me.

      All the best though!

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        All good mate, I did figure as much. Love your work, really appreciate your time and effort!

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