Shoe Repairs: What's the best shoe glue?


The glue on the sides of my shoes are giving way, theyre my favourite pair so hoping to get it back into shape.

Does anyone have any recommendations for an adhesive or glue that I can use for it? I've tried to do research myself but keep getting contradictory reviews so would be keen on some opinions and recommendations from fellow Cheapies.

Thank you!


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    Funnily enough I bought some shoe glue a few weeks back from mitre10, you want something that has close to the bond of super glue but also has some elasticity to it and is water proof. This did the job just right:…

    I didn't bother trying to find the best deal because I needed to fix my boots fixed for a conference the very next day. But most shoe glue sits somewhere under $10. Hope it helps.

    • Thanks for this. this is the one i found so good to have another review from a Cheapie.

      Are the shoes still holding up? Or do you reapply?

      • Only had to apply it once so far, but I've become less reckless with my dress shoes these days.

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    I bought Shoe Goo from Rebel Sport few months ago. It did the job well.…

    • Hi. thanks for this!
      What type of shoes did you fix up? Is it still holding up after a few months?

      • I used it on a trekking shoe and rockport leather shoe. Both are still holding up good.

  • The best is effectively a contact cement (see above…). It's essential to follow the instructions but basically, you apply the glue to both surfaces and wait until it's tacky and drying. Then you bring the two surfaces together. Note there is no movement after this so get this right. Then use a heavy thing on top of the shoe to keep the two surfaces pressed together until the cement has dried/overnight.

    • 2 suggestions for Selleys! I might just get this one and see how it goes. Thank you

      • Shoo Gloo is also really good.

      • I think a lot of the dedicated shoe glues are just rebranded contact adhesive.

        Just be very careful that the shoes are thoroughly clean and dry before you begin. Might pay to clean the surfaces well with a mild soapy solution and old toothbrush, then wipe dry, prop the join open and keep in the hot water cupboard for a few days before attempting the repair.

        Shoes will glue once, but the second time is rarely effective I've found, so if the first attempt doesn't hold well then the second one certainly won't.

  • Used the contact glue from a bicycle puncture repair kit once. Worked perfectly

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